From Our Book Country Girl Modern: Thanks to You!

This is the last quilt I have to share with you from our book…For me, it’s my favorite.

Scrappy quilts are always my favorite!!

Some of you might remember the quilt that I made for our daughter Kayla’s wedding….At the time we were asked by MANY people for the pattern.  We didn’t give it out though as we always had an inkling that we might someday put it in a book, and we did.  The quilt looks very different though.

What do you like better, the dark prints or the light??  Sometimes I look at one and think dark.  The next time I look I think light.  I had so much fun making the light version for the book.

You might remember a year ago Kelli and I had a blog post asking all you faithful readers to send us either a 2 1/2″ square or a 2 /2″ strip of fabric.  We promised we’d use it all in a quilt and this is the is the quilt we used the fabric in.  It was so fun to see all the different fabrics you sent.  There was a wide variety from tone on tones to novelty prints to polka dots.  Goodness know I love polka dots.  I put it all in this quilt.  I would just smile as little pieces of this and that would show up.  Once in a while one print would be a little dark and Kelli would say, “you’re going to use that”???  I would say “you bet”!!

Thanks to You!
Every time I look at the quilt I treasure it as a gift from all of you.

You might remember that we promised a free book to one of the people who sent us fabric….we’re still going to do that but as of now, I have no idea where in the quilting room the box with all the names is.  UGH.  I looked once and didn’t find it.  I’ll look again soon, I promise.  Right now I am scrambling.  I have a tax appointment for the end of the week and I haven’t kept up on my book work since August of last year or so.  Be patient with me just a bit longer please.

Anyway…that’s the quilts from our book.  If you haven’t ordered a book yet and would like to, please follow this link.  Kelli and I can’t thank the many of you who have ordered enough.  We appreciate your order.  We’ll keep our book order tab up under the banner at the top of page.  Feel free to order anytime.

11 thoughts on “From Our Book Country Girl Modern: Thanks to You!”

  1. love the quilt! I was waiting for to see what the grand reveal was on our scrappy white strips that we sent in. I’d LOVE to win the book! keep plugging away- you’re getting there!

  2. I think the pictures just show how versatile the pattern is. As long as there is contrast, and each set of fabrics is close in value/scale, you’re almost guaranteed a great looking quilt. I’m looking forward to making one myself.

  3. I have been reading your blog a long time and have always been inspired. I have been drooling over your book and all the beautiful quilts. Seeing this one again made me squeal. I LOVE IT!! So I went right over to your order page and ordered the book. I can’t wait to get it and start making those quilts!!! Thank you to both of you for taking the chance and making a book!!

  4. Jo ~
    When I read your question I thought that I liked both the light and dark quilt equally ~ just too difficult to decide a fav.When I read further & how you acquired the fabric for the lighter one I thought that is such a wonderful story perhaps that should be my fav but I believe the “darker” one is your daughter’s wedding quilt so I just can’t decide or pick just one, Jo! Both quilts are absolutely beautiful & wonderful!! Now that you’ve shared all the quilts in your book I know it’s going to be difficult for me to decide which one to make first!

  5. I love this quilt, especially the light one with the bright, happy colors!. This and School Bus are my absolute favorites. So glad I ordered the book not long after you began taking orders. Can’t wait to receive it!

  6. This is the quilt that pushed me into buying the book. I adore it! I can’t wait for my book to arrive. Congratulations!

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