Thankful Thursday: A Grandkid Weekend

I’ve started working on having Thankful Thursday posts…it’s just a random post of things that happened during my week that I am thankful for. It started after I’ve been reading The Frugal Girl blog and she has a feature called Thankful Thursday. This week I am thankful that I got some one-on-one grandkids time.

It was the first season of deer hunting in Iowa this past weekend. My sons Buck and Karl both hunt and hunt together with friends so they were off and that put me on Grandma duty. I love it.

I thought I was going to Buck’s kids and our daughter Kalissa’s kids but Kalissa’s kids were sick again so it was only Lilly, Scotty, and Lucy.

Since they adopted their dog Spot, the kids have become much friendlier and more comfortable with dogs. Several times over the weekend they were playing with them. Izzy seems to be more of their favorite.

We decided to make cinnamon rolls.

Lucy was super excited to make them. Then the other two got excited about it too. Here is Lucy kneading the dough. She was good about not poking her fingers into it.

Scotty was a master at kneading and did a great job.

You’ll notice that there is no picture of Lilly kneading the dough. That’s because she poked her fingers right into it and we had a mess of the dough. It was all okay but I was trying to retrieve the dough and couldn’t take a picture too. HA!

Everyone had to have a chance to roll out the dough. Here’s Lucy.

Lucy and Lilly “painted” butter onto the dough and then sprinkled the brown sugar and cinnamon all over.

By then Scotty had his fill of baking and went outside to play.

Lucy was a busy little artist while the dough was rising and made a picture of her name and then made rainbow-colored cinnamon rolls all over the page.

Buck and Karl were gone all day but I did get some adult company. Fergie, Buck’s girlfriend drove up and hung out with us. She’s a real natural with the kids and happily, the kids love her. We made pizza and just as it was coming out of the oven, Buck and Karl showed up too.

They each got two deer and were happy with the hunt.

We all got the kids cleaned up and ready for bed. We were up early on Sunday and I took the kids to meet Lora, their mom. They had a big day planned. They were all going to Disney on Ice with Lora as a special birthday treat for Lucy.

I stopped and took a picture of us all just before we met up with Lora.

It was a quick but very nice visit. The kiddos were all excellent. Typically I get all the grandkids at once and I have to say, it was peaceful and fun to just have the three of them for a weekend. There is a difference in kids in a crowd vs on their own and I rarely see my grandkids just one family at a time. This was perfect. I had a great time! This week I’m very thankful for some one-on-one grandma time. It was the best.

11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: A Grandkid Weekend”

    1. I certainly don’t think so. I had grandkids two weekends in a row. This time I just had the three of them…last time seven were here.

  1. Lovely pictures of them making the rolls. My grandchildren are old enough to have children of their own now but I still remember the sweet days of watching them so many years ago.

  2. You seem to always make your “grandma time” so special. I never got to bake/cook with either of my grandmothers. One grandma never baked on the rare occasion that I stayed with her. I spent a lot of time with my other grandmother but never baked/cooked with her. She did it all by herself. Come to think of it- my own mother never baked/cooked with her grandchildren. So I’m sure your grandkids will have great memories of baking/cooking with you, Jo.

  3. So much fun, no matter how many grands you have! Glad you were able to get in some “grandma” time with them.
    Love and prayers

  4. I only have two grandsons and I see them weekly because I do the school run every Wednesday and Thursday. We live in the same town so it’s easy for visits. Love them both dearly, but it is nice to have one on one time with them because their interests differ. We’ll have them tomorrow, Saturday and overnight, because mom and dad have plans all day into the night. I found my big box of Christmas crafts. They’ll love that. You are very lucky to have so many grandchildren, Jo.

  5. What a special time! It is so fun and important to make such good memories together. I always loved cooking/baking with my grands, My kids missed out doing that with their grandmothers but that was life. You are brave to make something like rolls with them and I bet the rolls were so yummy! I think I need to go make some. Oh wow! Two deer each – you will be serving venison soon.

  6. Looks like everyone had an awesome time. My grand daughters live with us (since 2015) so I do miss the fact they aren’t visitors – but stay hidden in their room with their mom. They aren’t into sewing but occasionally will bake cookies with us. It’s sad that computers have basically removed the gift of creativity from our children. Hope you are doing well. Say prayers for you daily.
    Hugs and Blessings

  7. Agree with you Jo, it’s great to have one family at a time sometimes. If there are several families the kids enjoy playing with each other but not doing an activity with you, ha! That’s great you have them help bake and I’m sure they loved eating those rolls, too!

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