Thanks a LOT!!

I have the best blog readers…I know I say that all the time but it is totally true.  Recently in a stash report I told you all about how a friend of mine stopped over and gave me these.

I was not sure what to do with them and asked for ideas.

I was honestly at a loss of what to do with them all.

A blog reader suggested I take a look at the free quilt patterns at Wedding Dress Blue (find the link here)  There are lots of patterns there and several that would work.  Here are a couple…what do you think? This is growing up odd….(photos courtesy of Wedding Dress Blue)


This is Film at Five….

I think this one is my favorite…

Honestly, I love them all!!  There are a couple others there that would work too.  There are lots of other wonderful free pattern there are well worth checking out.  Here’s the link again if you missed it.

I was also told about a pdf that Bonnie Hunter has available for her free patterns.  Find it HERE.  It is a chart for all of her free patterns that shows the sizes of strips or squares needed for a project.  That was handy to check out.

Then I was told about this link to make a Scrappy Cheddar Squares quilt.  (Photo courtesy of Tattered Garden)

Ronda a regular blog reader sent me a couple picture of quilts she had made using small scraps….


I like them both!!

Then I was told about this site that I am extremely excited about…EXTREMELY!!  Quilted Twins is now my new favorite free pattern site!!  Find them here.  Once there go to the free pattern section.  It’s such a treat!!  Photos courtesy of Quilted Twins.

Check out this one…

IMG_1900 name sm.jpg

I love this…it doesn’t use 2″ square though.

IMG_2279 1000 name only.jpg

You might remember me saying that many of my favorite quilts to sew start with sewing, not cutting.  Becky has MANY of them.  She’s also a gal that does LOTS of charity quilt work.  She sounds like a kindred spirit to me!!  I know for sure I will be sewing several of these quilts…best yet, the patterns are free…except for the cost of an ink cartridge…(Yep, I’m burning through one quickly)

There are MANY-MANY-MANY free patterns at the Quilted Twins.  Check them out…you’ll likely be in awe like I was!!

Thanks so much readers.  I really appreciate all the links and advice!!

12 thoughts on “Thanks a LOT!!”

  1. Now you’ve done it, Jo! Time to cut more 2-inch squares! I’ve already seen a couple I want to do.

  2. I have made several of the quilts from Wedding Dress Blue including the Film at Five. I also did the last quilt that you showed with the strips sewn like diamonds. That was a BEAR to sew! I actually made a chart with the lights and darks,then assembled. Have fun. It’s interesting that we seem to enjoy others scraps rather than our own. Maybe because they are already cut? Anyway- enjoy!

  3. Oh my I have to go and check them all out, thanks for sharing the sites. I cant wait to see what you decide to make with all those squares.

  4. I have made Growing up Odd from Wedding Dress Blue. It is one of my most favorite quilts. Thank you for sharing Quilted Twins site (I think) I went down that rabbit hole this morning and like you I need more printer ink. I so love 2inch squares !!! Thank you for all your inspiration.

  5. Thank you! I love scrappy quilts too and I have soooooo much fabric.
    First a quilt to finish and then….

  6. Thanks for the links to some more great patterns and designers! I think I’ve just become ‘re-addicted’ to scraps!!!

  7. I’m making Growing Up Odd. I love the reason for the quilt name. I saw a picture of it and just had to make it. I have made all the squares and am ready to them together! It’s getting closer to the finish line. Beware! This quilt is pushy! Once I saw the picture of the quilt, it just pushed all my other quilts out of the way and put itself at the top of the list!

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