Thankful Thursday

I’m going to be adding some Thankful Thursday posts now and then. On those weeks, I’ll move the “What I’ve been reading” posts to Friday.

I read another blog, The Frugal Girl, and she does Thankful Thursday posts and I so enjoy reading them. I thought it would be something I might occasionally include as well…so here goes. (P.S. The Frugal Girl is a great blog. Totally not crafty at all, but good.)

I’m so thankful we got some rain. I had a busy week last week between work and getting to doctor appointments. I really didn’t have much time to water the plants so the rain came at the perfect time. It’s very dry here in NE Iowa. We’re considered in a draught area. The rain was appreciated and such a surprise we got so much!

I am so thankful that I have good roads to drive and I can drive myself to all of my appointments. Even when someone comes with me, I typically drive. I remember when my husband couldn’t drive himself to appointments anymore. It was so hard on him. So I’m thankful I can and I take that as a blessing. Plus the trees are starting to change so it’s a pretty drive too.

I am so thankful I have a portable project to take with me to appointments. Life in waiting rooms got 100% more enjoyable when I started to take cross-stitch projects with me. I don’t feel like I’m wasting time anymore because at least I can get a few stitches in. Last Friday I about panicked when I saw the doctors had added more appointments to my day and the thought went through my head that I might not have anything to stitch because I brought something that was almost finished. HA!! I do think I’m going to put an “emergency stitch project” in my car should that ever happen again. I don’t want to have to resort to keeping busy by looking at my phone.

Having stitching with is such a comfort to me. For some odd reason, it makes me feel like I have some kind of control over my day when things at the doctor are beyond my control.

I did some project finishing this week and cut down some frames again. Oh, I’m so thankful I figured out how to do this. The two thrifted frames were about $6.50 in total. These would have cost so much more had these been custom-framed professionally.

I’m also thankful that I decorate kind of antique/prim so everything doesn’t have to be perfect and my framing fits in with it all not having to be perfect.

I am totally thankful for the gifts and cards that have been sent my way. It is so comforting not to have to worry about gas money and time off of work to go to appointments. I wish every cancer patient was so blessed.

Not having to worry helps me concentrate on getting better and getting my normal life back-or as normal as I’ll be. You all really know how to make a girl feel blessed. I sure do!!

Those are my five things that I’m thankful for…do you have some things you’d like to share that you are thankful for? Please do.

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    1. I grew up living in a small Prairie city in Canada. I always found myself stopped at a loooong freight train went by. I used to keep notepaper and envelopes in the car so I could get some letter writing done. I sure can relate to panicking if you don’t have anything to occupy your waiting times. I think you should be grateful for the wonderful, positive, realistic outlook you have Jo. You are a marvel! Continued blessings ❤️

  1. I’m thankful that I’ve found you and your blog and I’m able to follow it. Your outlook and attitude are so upbeat and positive that it helps me deal with my own challenges. You often leave me with some thought I return to over and over. Thanks for being here!

    1. I fell (on air!l, in Hospital parking lot, layed ther 20/30 minutes yelling for help. Quietest Hospital anyone has ever experienced. Car did stop , asked if I needed help, said yes through tears, etc. She said ok and drove off. Never called anyone. Was heard from 3rd floor, help sent. Shattered left hip. Now I have both new hips. Rt is 2 yrs old, left is 1 month. In rehab, thanking the Lord it wasn’t worse. Thankful for skilled orthopedic surgeon, nurses, aides, P.T., and son /daughter in law, who have been here for me. Every day I’m thanking HIM for my blessings.

  2. I have so much to be thankful for and of course right at the top is my health. Yes, I’ve had cancer, but detected early. Just today I received email from one of my favorite authors who told a story about the hymn Count Your Blessings. Such a good reminder to me that it is important to think about our blessings each and every day. I have been blessed by you, Jo, and reading your blogs and following your family through good times and others that weren’t so good.

  3. I’m thankful my husband is still functioning very well after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6-7 years ago. He’s on medication and has two doctors, who are excellent, for which I’m grateful also. I’m grateful my needs are met and also many of my wants. I’m grateful that at a thrift store today I was able to pick up 7 quilt magazines I have not read before from MSQC. I’m grateful for so many things.

  4. I’m in Texas and got almost 2 inches of rain during night and morning. I’m so grateful- now I don’t have to water flowers and veg for a few days and the trees that we’re suffering got a drink.
    I’m thankful for my friends and family. My husband died last Thanksgiving and his birthday is tomorrow. All in all I’m doing very well but I’m feeling my way through all the “firsts”.
    Jo, you have been a positive influence in your candor about your journey as a widow.

  5. I am so blessed in so many ways–family, friends and neighbors. I am thankful that I found out about your blog a few years ago. I am blessed to have good health and enough energy to chase my 2 year old grandson. All things to not take for granted! Thanks for this reminder Jo!

  6. Jo thanks for coming up with Thankful Thursday. For this week I am thankful for being able to clean up a fence line of approximately 60 x 12 feet. I had foot surgery last October and knee replacement in January. So I feel good that I can do this. My goal was to get this done before cataract surgery next week and 2 weeks after that. So looking forward to seeing clearly. Fall is hear and clean up is needing done. By the way I made your Yard sauce with then end of the season tomatoes, red, green and yellow.

  7. Gloria B - northern IL

    I’m thankful that I took sewing lessons at the neighborhood Singer store while in high school. My curriculum at school was all college prep allowing no elective time for the home arts. My garment sewing was short-lived, but when I found quilting I discovered a past time that provided a creative outlet and hopefully lifelong hobby. Thanks to you Jo for added inspiration and grounding in what’s really important.

  8. I’m thankful for blog writers; I have learned so much. I’m thankful for my chosen family and their generosity. I’m thankful for retirement…what a gift. I’m thankful for my health and good surgeons as I wait for a knee replacement. I’m thankful for the ability to understand technology and cell phones. What a gift! I’m thankful for the United States and our system of government where our votes count. I am so blessed.

  9. One of your fans here stated, You often leave me with some thought I return to over and over. I so agree. Now I have a question for you: Do doctors’ waiting rooms have enough light for you to stitch by? Or do you bring your own?

    1. I am very lucky that I don’t have a trouble with lighting the doctor’s office. I typically scope out the brightest area and sit down and stitch.

  10. Today I’m thankful for my brother in law (and a family friend) for helping me fix my dryer. I turned it on last week and heard a POP and then nothing started turning or drying. BIL said probably a belt and gave me the info to order from Amazon so I did. Friend stopped by tonight and took about about a million screws and said yes, the belt and a spring. Between us all we’ll get it put back together soon.

    Glad to hear you are doing well, Jo.

    1. I am thankful for my family, that I wake up everyday to experience life, that I have a good job to help support my family, my spazy cat that keeps us all entertained (we can all use a good laugh) and for our Lord who makes all of this possible

  11. Jo, What a wonderful idea for thankful Thursdays! I find myself thinking often of something you’ve written about and how much I’ve learned from you. You are very wise and a true blessing to those of us who check in with you daily. Many blessings to you and your family.❤️You and Mary from Country Threads both had thought provoking blogs today.

  12. Splendid idea, Jo! We all have things for which we are grateful. This is a nice way to celebrate their occurrence and smile.

  13. I’m thankful for my husband and daughter who give me so much support when my mental health dips. I’m thankful for finding your blog, Jo. I’m thankful for having a home to live in and a bed to sleep in. (Btw I start each day thinking of 3 things I’m thankful for.)

  14. There are really so many things to be thankful for – I’m thankful for the saving Grace of Jesus. I’m thankful my husband, for being able to travel like we do, for my children and grandchildren and their spouses, and for you, Jo, who brings joy to our lives.
    Love and prayers

  15. I am thankful for my 88 year old husband. His health isn’t always great, he’s losing his hearing and his eyesight, but he still walks a mile every day. Then he makes the breakfast and drinks his coffee while sitting next to me. We have the best life!

  16. To wake up each morning and to spend my days doing whatever I wish, for this I’m thankful. When I wake up, I take a moment and think about the day ahead and what I’m blessed with. I think this keeps me in a happy place most of my days. I’m thankful for you Jo and how you share with all of us and remind us that Life has many twists and turns.

  17. I have been trying to do a “thankful” moment every night at bedtime, looking back on my day. Some days are easier than others, but it ends the day on an up side.

  18. Today my grandson sent a request could I fix his backpack. I’m thankful that he thinks of me when he needs a sewing project done. It may not be quilting but it may be the most important project I undertake this year. And as always I’m thankful for you and your blog and the amazing things you share with us all.

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