Thankful Thursday: Spencer

I’ve started working on having Thankful Thursday posts…it’s just a random post of things that happened during my week that I am thankful for. It started after I’ve been reading The Frugal Girl blog and she has a feature called Thankful Thursday. This week I am thankful that my ice maker is working again.

It might seem like a little thing, but it’s a big thing to me. About two years ago my ice maker stopped working. My son-in-law Craig tried to fix it and actually had it fixed for about a week…then it quit. He tried to fix it again and then it only worked a couple of days…then quit.

Craig thought I might need a new ice maker so we bought one from Amazon. He put it in…it worked for a couple of days and quit. UGH.

I called an appliance repair place and they don’t fix ice makers. That seemed weird but they told me they didn’t. I had a repairman out to fix my dishwasher and begged him to check out the ice maker too. Nope. He said they don’t fix them. UGH.

I ended up buying ice cube trays and made ice. I had four trays…I hated making ice. I love ice though so I filled them and made ice. Everytime I filled the trays, I was disappointed. I bought the refrigerator with an ice maker because I wanted ice.

One day I had my childcare girls here and they were so impressed with me. I knew how to make “homemade ice”. HA! That really gave me a chuckle…yes. I did know how to make homemade ice. I sure wished I didn’t have to though.

Fast forward…After two years of making “homemade ice”, Spencer my son-in-law was at my house over Thanksgiving weekend. He was great and asked me if there was anything around the house that I wanted done. I said yes. Could he fix my ice maker??

My son Buck was at my house and he reminded me that I had to throw out the first few trays of ice because the water had been sitting in the water line for almost two years and the water would be gross. It about killed me to throw them out. But I did…and now look what I have…ICE! Ice from my ice maker that I didn’t have to make.

He could and did!! I’ve been doing a happy dance all week. I’ve not been a Scrooge when I fill up my glass with ice. I’ve used LOTS of ice in my water. It’s such a luxury when normally I’d have had to fill the trays and drip them across the floor and make my own ice.

So today I’m celebrating my good fortune to have Spencer as a son-in-law and his willingness to help me out and an icemaker that works.

One other thing that I’m thankful for…two weeks ago Carver was messing with a ball in the house. He knocked over my Thanksgiving Cactus just as it was filled with blooms. I stuck it back in the pot hoping it would live. I debated about pulling off the blossoms in an effort to keep the plant alive. I ended up leaving them on…and it bloomed…and it’s doing just fine. I’m happy to see the pretty blooms and the plant living.

Once it’s done blooming, the plan is to repot it. So fingers crossed it lives through that as well.

I just love this style of cactus’. Someday I really want a yellow one. It’s on my someday wish list. It the meantime I’m going to enjoy this one and be thankful it made it through Carver and the ball incident.

That’s a few of the many things I’m thankful for. It’s your turn. What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I’m thankful for your blog. I look forward to reading “The Adventures of Jo” every day. I’m also thankful that my mom taught me how to quilt and sew. When life gets crazy or unbearable, I can turn to sewing and just turn off the rest of the world.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your “grateful posts” the older I get the more I realize that it is the little things in life that I am grateful for I guess this is another benefit of aging. Enjoy your ice.

  3. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Thankful for family who shows us love by asking what they can do to help us, even helping with Christmas decorations.

  4. Jo- You have many wonderful things to be grateful for! ME TOO! My husband had prostate cancer, but is cancer free now, following surgery! I have two daughters, one son-in-law, two terrific grown grandsons, and FIVE GREAT-grandchildren! We were all together for Thanksgiving. It was a memorable and fun time! I have lost nearly 100 lbs. following bariatric surgery, and am happy and thankful for that! Love, health, a cozy home, a quilt studio, and my favorite hobby, quilting! I’m thankful for you and your blog too! Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

  5. I’m prone to exaggeration, so when I told my husband of over 52 years that I had a MILLION things to be thankful for, he promptly told me that it was a bit much….I assured him that if I counted all my scraps, it was probably more like MILLIONS!

  6. I love my cactus. I have a white Thanksgiving cactus. A pink /fusica Christmas cactus. And a wonderful orange Easter cactus. Never knew there was a difference but my plant person has been educating me. Love them all

  7. I am also thankful for you and your blog. But mostly I am thankful my DIL (42) is home from the hospital after 8 weeks with 3 weeks in ICU. She had a spontaneous cardiac artery dissection and almost died a few times. She now seems to be healing. Her life is going to be very different than before but she is here with us and my son and 2 granddaughters (9 and 12). I have never prayed so hard in my life.

  8. I don’t use ice much, but my husband does and I would hate to fill all those trays. I am thankful for getting a new zipper in my granddaughters winter coat without too much trouble, and getting my kitchen cupboards washed and waxed this week. I even had time to do some fun sewing, also got the Christmas tree up. So thankful to have these tasks done.

  9. I’m grateful I can change my mind and not feel guilty. That’s a big thing for me. I always had to be perfect as a child and you couldn’t change your mind after you wanted something. But today I feel perfectly fine about changing my mind.

  10. Like so many Americans, I have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for the parents I had who instilled in me and my siblings to love each other no matter what and others around us. I am thankful that I always have more food to eat than I really need; a warm house to live in and the means to pay for it; a car to drive and a garage to house the car. I am also thankful for a good mind so that I can create and sew quilts, and my list could go on and

  11. My ice maker would often quit working on our year old fridge. Following the advice of YouTube repairmen, I would unplug the fridge for a minute, plug it back in and then lift the ice arm up and down a few times. That seemed to work some of the time. Then I found a YouTuber who suggested setting your freezer temperature at average/the middle button (mine was set at the coldest button). And that worked! I now have regular ice without any issues.

  12. I’m thankful every day for my husband who can fix anything!…pretty much do anything. I’m so spoiled because we never have to call a repairman.
    I can totally sympathize with the ice situation. We had an ice maker in the frig, but the water wasn’t filtered enough for me, so I never used it. Then, last year, we ended up with 3 non-working undercounter ice makers that the hubs was going to repair and sell. One made pelleted ice, and that’s the one we wanted to keep, but the parts were expensive, so we were going to sell the other 2 to pay for the parts. He fixed the, I listed them on marketplace, and they sat, and sat, and sat. Finally, I asked him to install one in the kitchen. Our frig ice maker had started eating itself and leaving bits of plastic in the cubes. Since the undercounter ice maker was hooked into our RO water, I could use the cubes…yay! Then, in June, in the m idea of our 3 months of over 100 weather, we sold both of the ice makers. I had taken the one out of the frig, so I had to go back to making cubes. And with the heat, we were going through about 4 trays a day minimum. Add to the aggravation…now the parts of the ice maker we wanted to keep were no longer available…ughhhhh!
    It took till October for him to find the parts, and we finally got a working ice maker back in place. I was so glad to put away the ice trays!!!

  13. I am thankful for a new fridge. Ours died over the weekend, so Monday morning I was at Home Depot ordering a new one. The one that died was 24 years old, it gave good service. The new fridge was delivered last evening, and is installed and working. I am also grateful for 2 large coolers and cold weather that kept our food safe while we waited for the delivery. And one of those coolers was gifted to me just last March. I’m thankful for Kathy who have me the cooler, and loads of fabric when she moved across country in March.

  14. My thankful list is long. We had 2 ice makers due before our refrigerator was 3 years old. Now we buy a bag and set the bag in the ice cube bin. We cut a hole in the bag so it stays fresher partly covered. In our town the appliance delivery men will not hook up the water line to a new refrigerator – they get it ready and hand the wrench to the homeowner, thus they are not liable. That tells me something about the malfunction issues. My friend had an ice maker malfunction while they were on a trip. Water ran into their basement ceiling and it collapsed plus other basement damage. Ice makers make me nervous.

    1. Lv tour cactus. Gd luck finding a yellow , maybe. I have a very lg., pot with about 4/5 colours/ plants. Have had it about 20ish yrs. It survived my house fire in 2020, smoked fairly badly, but it made it. Still looking for the elusive yellow. My blooms on & off year round. Even in yard (hi shade), in summe. Go figure. I enjoy your thankful post, it’s a good reminder to stop & say thsnks to the Lord for every blessing, lg & sm. Thanks.

  15. Judith Fairchild

    I’,m thankful I’m alive and reasonably healthy. A health problem pretty much under control. Thankful that God shows His care for us everyday.

  16. I am thankful that you share your life and world with me. I love it and get so much from it.
    Those cactuses are mighty hearty. BEing knocked over eh out of the pot isn’t a big deal for a healthy plant. It will thrive!!

  17. I’m thankful for my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who all instilled a sense of pride and assured me that I could do whatever I set my mind to. My dad was always working so it was usually mom, grandma and I who did repairs around the house. I managed to keep a secondhand washing machine going for nearly ten years with two simple repairs and have replaced the switch on my dryer as well. Thank goodness for YouTube as well as it’s been a life saver in those instances.

  18. I am thankful for my dentist who was able to help me right away Mon. morning after my bridge fell out over the weekend. For something we all dread, my dentist and everyone there are very caring.

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