Thankful Thursday: Goodies from Readers

I’ve started working on having Thankful Thursday posts…it’s just a random post of things that happened during my week that I am thankful for. It started after I’ve been reading The Frugal Girl blog and she has a feature called Thankful Thursday. This week I am thankful for the little gifts that have come my way and it’s made my days so fun.

My daughter Kayla bought me a set of hand warmers from Amazon. I never knew there was such a thing. Best of all they are rechargable. You can see them HERE.

I put these in my emergency bag in my car for now but plan to grab them if I’m out walking the dogs. My gloves aren’t that warm and mittens are hard to maneuver when holding leashes. I will leave them in my pockets and switch out hands to keep them warm. I wish they would have had them when my husband was alive. He always froze his fingers when he did cattle chores.

Another thing a blog reader gave me that is currently in my emergency bag is this light from Lumos and Lumos. I think they are branded as a knitting lamp but I used it for cross-stitching at the hotel when we were at the waterpark. I also used it a few times when I was out walking the dogs after dark. I can hang it around my neck and have a light to see where I’m going. I have good everyday lighting but this is nice for travel.

One thing I like about this one is that it can sit as shown on the box or it can hang around your neck. Right now, being the weather is bad, it’s in my emergency bag in the car. Thanks so much!

A blog reader thought of me when she was out and about shopping. She knows our family likes different Mayos and such. She sent these so now we have a few new ones to try. How fun!! If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re a foodie family.

Ila struck again…She sent me another set of Bonne Maman preserves. They are so good. Ila says she likes the raspberry best and so far, I think I’d agree.

In a separate package, she sent me sheets and backing fabric. YAHOO!!! These are perfect for some of the quilts I am currently working on. I know for sure that my nine-patch quilt will be finished with one of these. They are perfect!! This is motivating me to really crack down and work on that quilt.

Thanks so much Ila!!

I had said in an earlier blog post that I wanted to make wool applique gifts for a couple of blog readers. I said I had been frustrated as I didn’t have any small buttons. I ended up online on Amazon and bought THESE.

They came and I liked them. I ended up picking up a wool project with plans to make it and then realized…OOPS. I need a larger-sized button too. I didn’t get time to sit down and order them and the next day in the mail came these from a blog reader. PERFECT!! Now I think I can actually start making something. I sure hope so. I swear, collecting the supplies to do something can be a real challenge.

Many thanks Carla. Hopefully now I can tackle a project that needs buttons.

I got goodies from another Carla. My friend Carla from Longarm Quilting Inspirations. Carla and I had a chance to walk with the dogs not too long ago before all of the snow. Here we are all bundled up.

Carla is such a giving person. I was lucky enough to get one of her fruit cakes at Christmas.

She knows me and knows I’d ask for the recipe so she included it. If you’re local, this is Kathy Young’s recipe…Doc Young’s wife.

She got this cute little desk calendar for me for Christmas. It is so cute with puppies and other animals. I have it at work. I love that it has the day in a big font and the month calendar on it as well. I just checked online and they have a kitten version as well. Find it HERE. It’s a great addition to my work desk. THANKS Carla.

I’ve been saving the pages. They tear off. I’m going to give them to my grandson Gannon. He wants to be a “tiny baby animal doctor” when he grows up…and he loves art projects. I’m going to let him cut the used pages up and make an art project with them. I know he’ll love that!!

If you look at my desk, you’ll see a red Stanley water bottle. That was a gift from Kalissa. I’m supposed to work extra hard to be hydrated when I go through my upcoming treatment. She thought the bright red water bottle might be a good reminder for me to drink lots. Red is my favorite color. I’m had lots of water bottles in the past and I have to say, I really like this one. I can understand the hype but not the complete craziness. This is a link to the style I have…but I don’t see it in my red color. A couple of the gals at work have THIS STYLE with the top handle.

I will admit, I’ve been drinking more water…that’s the goal so I guess it’s a winner!! HA!

A blog reader sent me a sweet little homemade heart. I immediately put it in my dough bowl. I love the splash of added color.

A sweet blog reader sent me a Swedish dishcloth. I love them. This one was almost too cute to use. They come stiff. They absorb water quickly when wetted and then I wash down the counters with them. I like how they work. Then I rinse them out and hang them over the sink divide. They dry out again. They are machine washable. You can use them like paper towels too. I have them and appreciate them. If you haven’t heard of them, you can find them HERE.

My friend Connie sent me this VERY cute mitten garland. She sent me a couple things for my dough bowl too along with a package of cord keepers. All things I have enjoyed.

A blog reader sent me this. It was so thoughtful…

I’ve gotten lots of encouraging cards and letters. I appreciate that so much. Letters like this one make me get all happily teary-eyed. I appreciate the kindness so much!

I was trying to write thank yous and came to this one from a sweet Wisconsin blog reader. A gas card to Kwik Trip. Perfect for when I’m traveling back and forth for treatment. On treatment week I have to make the 2 hour drive back and forth seven times. UGH. This gas card will be so appreciated then. THANKS!!

My friend Gloria sent me a couple of cross-stitch patterns. I like them both…now I need more stitching time!!

Here are some of the other cards and get-well wishes that came my way. All are appreciated.

Jazz sent me a bookmark. I love it and have never thought to make one before. It is perfect for a scrappy quilter like me who is always wanting to mark projects in books. THANKS!!

It’s a good think I was at Goodwill the other day and came across a brand new box of thank you cards. I snapped them up in a hurry. $2 was a great deal!!

As you can see, I have many things to be thankful for…The gifts are wonderful and so appreciated but what means the most to me is the love and support that the gifts represent. All of that love is cheering me on. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If I missed your card in the photo, I’m so sorry…it was a little topsy-turvy here around Christmas. Just know it too was appreciated!!

I have so much to be thankful for!!

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Goodies from Readers”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Of all the goodies you received the apple sauce fruit cake is the one for me. My friend and neighbor gave me one. I think it’s the best fruitcake I be ever had. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  2. Jo you are certainly loved! You received the Swedish Towels I plan to order. Many years ago we could not get them here. I was in a Machine Embroidery group that shopped one ladies designs that lived in Sweden and she used these to stitch out her test embroidery designs on! She described them and many is search for them. We had no luck! I was so happy to see them at Amazon. I will be using them in my kitchen! Lolo

  3. I had never heard of Swedish Dishcloths until a month or so ago. And now I’ve seen them twice. How cool! The first time, it was in an advent box. I believe it was in Ellen’s (Degeneres). They look very interesting to try.
    If case you have a need in the future for more Thank You cards, do y’all have a Dollar Tree nearby? Ours has packages of 8 TY notes for $1, some are even Hallmark. Yes, still $1 for them, not $1.25 like most other items now at Dollar Tree.

  4. I found the Bonne Maman preserves when I was looking for fig preserves for the hubs. He loves them! And I can get them year round. Locally, I can only find them for a month or so.

  5. Love the snowmen embroidery shown in the photo with your mitten garland. Did you make it? Do you have a pattern name?

  6. So much to be thankful for! I haven’t heard of the Swedish Towels, so I will be checking those out for sure. Thank you for sharing all these lovely gifts.

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