Thankful Thursday: Fall

I’ve started working on having Thankful Thursday posts…it’s just a random post of things that happened during my week that I am thankful for. It started after I’ve been reading The Frugal Girl blog and she has a feature called Thankful Thursday.

This week I am so thankful that I live in an area of the world that has 4 seasons. I am especially appreciating Fall this year. As a farmer’s wife, I had a love/hate relationship with Fall. I loved the beauty of Fall…the temperatures of Fall…the cozy feel of Fall…the ending of the growing season, oh, just everything I loved. Everything that is, except my husband was gone and in the field.

Being a farmer’s wife is not for the faint of heart.

No exageration here…My husband worked LONG hours. When I say long hours. I mean long hours. It typically started mid-September and went right to Thanksgiving. Most weeks were 100-plus hours a week unless there was a rain break. With my husband working those hours, I was on my own with the kids. I was on my own for events. I was a single mom…but not living a single life. There was still his laundry and his food and events I had to fill in for.

I can regularly remember my husband saying on Tuesday night after he was home from work that he already had his 40 hours in for the week.

So, as much as I loved Fall…I hated Fall too.

This year, more than ever, I am appreciating Fall. My husband passed away four years ago and I’m now far away enough from the farming life that Fall has now become only good things…the wonderful temps…no humidity…the end of the growing season and limited outside work…no more watering…I just love everything about Fall and have really cozied into it.

I’ve been so appreciating it this year. Last week Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspiration and I were out and about walking the dogs. Carla caught these great pictures.

This is right in my town only two blocks from my house. I love it. How blessed we are to have this beauty so close to us.

While I’m being thankful for things I’m also so thankful for Carla. I love having a walking partner and love having some adult conversation. So often she gets me and the dogs outside when it would be so easy to stay in. Getting out and walking always clears my mind and in the end, I am more productive the rest of the day. It’s so good for me.

So that’s what I’m thankful for…Fall…and a great walking partner. THANKS Carla and Luna!!

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Fall”

  1. I love these “Thankful Thursday” posts. In a world full of problems, it’s way to easy to forget all the goodness around us… both the small and big things. It looks like your area is also enjoying a Fall that is full of gorgeous color this year. Enjoy!

  2. I love fall with cool mornings and warm afternoons. And the leaves changing colors. Knowing that the good weather won’t last I enjoy it while I can and soon I won’t feel guilty about being inside sewing during the day.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year….this afternoon, as I was driving home after exercising at the YMCA, the sun was shining brightly here in Virginia, and the colors of the trees literally took my breath away….it was so beautiful!!
    One thing I love about fall, besides the cooler temperatures and almost no humidity in the air, is the crispness of the air.
    For many years, our neighbor across the street had the most amazing maple tree….every fall, it would turn the most beautiful golden yellow color…then, all the leaves would fall off on the same day!!! I have never seen any other tree do that. Every year, I would wait with great anticipation for the turning of the leaf color, with fingers crossed that we would not be out of town and miss the whole process since it all happened so quickly.
    Thank you, Jo, for reminding us, through your Thankful Thursday, that we all need to make a conscious effort do focus on the things for which we are thankful….

  4. I love fall too but only realizing how much by looking at pictures of trees turning color. We decided to go to our Texas home and it’s 88 degrees in the night and 92 during the day. There aren’t any trees here that turn color, it’s cactus! So next year, I’m staying home and enjoying Fall. And buying a pumpkin and wearing a sweatshirt.

  5. Living on a lake we currently are blessed with migrating water fowl. Oh my, to stand still outside and be able to hear and almost feel the beating of wings overhead…the honking of Canada and Snow geese flocks in the hundreds and seeing graceful squadrons of swans. Amazing…I was enjoying fall here in central Alberta! The leaves had already turned colour and fallen. The grain farmers here had finished harvest and the dairy farmers had been spreading manure on the fields (the smell of money ha! ha!). Then it snowed this past Sunday. What a shocker! Oh my! You never know what weather you’ll get on the Canadian prairies. Hope you have many more pleasant fall walking days with Carla!.

  6. definitely my favorite month also. It seems to go by so quickly. Here we are a mere two months from Christmas. Enjoying each month as it comes is really the best way it seems.

  7. Thankful Thursday is a thing I need to do. It’s time to put sticky notes on the mirror so I get in the habit. LOL What a beautiful place you have to walk and a buddy to do it with makes it even better.

  8. I’ve lived in central Texas all my life, so fall here is minimal. Only a few trees show any color…crepe myrtles, red oaks, and a few more. So, getting to enjoy your fall colors is awesome! And the river is lovely too. But, what I’m noticing most is how good you look! You look like you have lost quite a bit of weight and you look wonderful! Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for today.

  9. Fall has always been my favorite time of year and I especially enjoy its beauty now that I am once again living in Michigan. There are so many beautiful colors on the trees and bushes. I have a view of a gorgeous tree I can see while sitting at my sewing machine. This year it seems the colors on it are a lighter shade but still vibrant. I am thankful I washed the window on Tuesday!

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