Thankful Thursday: Advances in Food Industry

I was out and about last Thursday. I went to the Twisted Sister’s Clean Out Sale. These are the gals that host the “junk” sales I always do it. It’s so fun to go. In February they rent the town hall and haul all sorts of goodies there and have a GIANT sale. I planned to go early and be there but I overslept. The sale starts at 7 am. It’s 20 minutes away AND…my puppy finally slept through the night so I did too. HA! It had been two nights of little to no sleep with that bugger but Friday night she slept. FINALLY! So I ended up waking up and seven and hurried and went to the sale. I found a few goodies…

I thought I would show them to you…a vintage pillow cover. I bet that the person who stitched this all those years never expected I would own this someday. It was $1. I hope to launder it and put a pillow into it. I really liked it.

I bought this piece for $1. On the left is a little barrel with an opening. I wonder if at some point there was supposed to be a candle or dried flowers in it. There was supposed to be one on the left side too. I bought it thinking I might stitch something, then mount it so it would cover the girl in the center and the board on the right. Then maybe add some baby’s breath in the barrel.

It was in tough shape so I spruced it up as soon as I got it home. MUCH BETTER!

On a whim, I bought these autograph books. They are from around 1927. Almost 100 years old. I have fun paging through them. I wondered about attaching a punch needle piece to the covers. I also bought the round frame…for a cross-stitch piece.

I bought a HUGE chunk of fabric. It was $2. I brought it home. It’s 54″ wide and there are 14 yards of it. Oh my. I could back LOTS of quilts with that!! I will wash it with color catchers to make sure it doesn’t bleed. There is a lot of red in it.

When I got home, I got a message from my husband’s niece. She’d be driving through my area and wanted to know if I wanted to get lunch. I said sure so we ended up in Decorah at Culver’s.

I had a great lunch…better company. She brought her son with her and I hadn’t seen him in a few years so that was nice. I haven’t done a lot with my husband’s family since he passed away except with this niece. She’s always been great to me and I appreciate our relationship so much. I like catching up with her.

Being I was in town, I thought I might as well bite the bullet and try to get my diet figured out…and that’s how this blog post landed in the Thankful Thursday category.

For those who are new, I have thyroid cancer that likes to flare up and spread. Currently, this time around my lungs are the place where cancer cells are trying to throw a party. To treat it, I have oral chemo and have radioactive iodine treatment. For that to all work, I also have to go on a low iodine diet. The first time I did this was back in 2015. The diet was completely and totally miserable. There were few things I could figure out to eat. Any product that listed salt as an ingredient was off-limits. Absolutely no going out to eat. I pretty much ate fruits and veggies the entire time. I lost seven pounds and mainly ate fruits and veggies…all fresh.

I have had to the diet about six times since then. It’s still hard…but it’s gotten so much better.

I can’t have iodized salt. I can have non-iodized salt. I can’t have sea salt. Most companies just list salt as an ingredient and don’t list it specifically as iodized or non-iodized so in the past, I’ve had to avoid everything that has salt as a listed ingredient.

A website came out and they have written to companies and asked what kind of salt they are using. If they say non-iodized, they are put on a list of approved foods. That list has grown and I’m so very thankful for it. The site made grocery shopping tolerable and I think the diet is going to be much more manageable.

Here is my stack of groceries that I plan to eat while on the diet…YES…sliced bread…actual real food I normally eat like Ritz crackers. I even found a couple of approved salad dressings.

It’s not easy though and finding the groceries, if our stores even have them, is a challenge. I went to four grocery stores and spent about 4 hours buying these groceries. I had done quite a bit of research at home in the previous weeks as well.

The hard part is that I can have certain brands of Thomas bagels. Not all varieties. Sorting out which I can have and if the store carries it is the hardest.

No dairy is allowed and that’s always a kicker. With the advancements in food, I ended up finding lots of options that are coconut milk products. In the store, I found the coconut milk yogurt and then I had to find the brand and then the specific flavors I can have. I bought a bunch as that’s an easy breakfast or something I can easily take to work for lunch. The So Delicious brand was very helpful. I found yogurt and cream from them at the first grocery store…but I couldn’t find milk. I ended up at two other stores…no milk. There are a couple of almond milk options but no store has the accepted brands. Finally, at the very last store, I found Coconut milk from So Delicious.

As I walked towards the counter with my coconut milk…It was $8 for it!! WOW. I saw this…So Delicious Ice Cream varieties. WOW! This diet was really going to be expensive but at least tolerable. I was going to be able to have ice cream. YAHOO!!

I pulled up the website and looked for ice cream. Nope. I wasn’t going to get ice cream. The store had almond milk options…the only approved ones are for coconut milk. Oh well.

At least I have milk and that’s much more useful than ice cream.

One thing I’m super excited about is learning that some brands of Prego spaghetti sauce are acceptible. YAHOO!! I can make a pot of spaghetti and eat that for a couple of days. I remember the first time I was on the diet I tried to make spaghetti sauce from unsalted tomatoes in a can. Needless to say…epic fail.

Here is a graphic that determines what I can and can’t eat.

If you want to take a deep dive into the diet, you can check out the website Lid Life Community. You can find it HERE. They also have a Facebook page. This is the site that has contacted the food manufacturers and checked the type of salt companies are using. If you know anyone who has to do this diet, please tell them about this site. It’s a game-changer.

The advances in the food industry like readily available coconut milk products and plant butter products are really going to make the diet, this time around MUCH better. Today…I am so thankful for the advancements in the food industry.

I thought my grocery shopping day would be miserable but it totally wasn’t. Between garage sale fum, a lunch date and the helpful website the turned out to be a good one. For those curious, the diet starts on Sunday.

I’ve been on the oral chemo for six days so far and so far, so good. I haven’t had terrible side effects. Last time, at this point I hadn’t had anything terrible either but the meds build so things will likely go downhill next week. For now, I’m thankful for these good days.

Many thanks to all who sent cards. I so appreciate it!! It’s great to have the support of so many of you…yet another thing I am thankful for.

20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Advances in Food Industry”

  1. Wishing you all the best as you continue treatments and start the diet. I wasn’t following you in 2015, but I was the last time you had to do this and I remember how miserable it was for you. It looks as though the food choices have come a long way since then. Yay!!

  2. What a fun outing you had! More good finds at the sale. It amazes me what a little TLC does to a piece of wood. I can almost imagine the cuteness it will be when you decide on the right piece of stitching for it. I am glad for you, too, that you have more food options than you did before on this diet. You remain in my prayers.

  3. I am happy to see that you have so many more food options. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. You are an amazing woman with an amazing family!

  4. I’m glad you found that website. Food is such a huge part of our lives that I think having many more food choices will help with your mentality also.

  5. Love that stitched piece. One of the Little House on the Prairie episodes had a very touching scene with that saying. I could enjoy all those ice creams- sometimes dessert is better ( wink) I’m Thankful for you Jo. And Thankful for all our on- line buddies. Hope you will have a wonderful evening.

  6. That fabric from the thrift store caught my eye. It might be something really special, Jo! The designer Karina Kellomaki was an early designer for Marimekko. There is a fabric panel by her (57” x 87”) for sale on Etsy for $185.00! It’s not the same fabric that you have, but the graphics look to be from same time period (early 60s). I notice yours says “hand painted”. How cool! (Sigh. That was quite the rabbit hole I went down. I love fabric and I thought it looked special…..)
    I am so happy for you that the food challenge you face is not quite so daunting this time.

  7. Continuing to keep you in prayer, Jo. I’m so happy to see that there are so many different types of food you can eat. What a true blessing.
    Thank you for keeping us posted on how you are doing. Please remember to have “guest” bloggers when you aren’t up to it – and don’t forget you DON’T have to blog everyday when you’re just not up to it!
    Love and prayers

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I can empathize with you. The last ,4 years of my husband’s life was salt free. To make it easier to cook I made everything salt free and then added salt at the table for my daughter and I. Later when we went to my sister’s place for a meal. I could barely eat it she had cooked with so much salt. That was a bit of a problem

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Prayers for you for the side-effects to not be so difficult this time. Looks like eating will be more fun with more options this time. Shopping and cooking for a special diet certainly is a challenge…eating the same thing over and over is difficult – so glad you have more options this time. Groups going through the same thing are a wealth of information and support!

  10. If you can have bananas you can slice very ripe ones and flash freeze them to make nice cream. I make chocolate with cocoa powder but you can make what flavors you like or can have. Place frozen banana slices in a high speed blender with what flavor you like and a little of your coconut milk and blend. I have made it also by substituting frozen berries instead of chocolate.

  11. Food challenges are tough. So glad you were able to find some food this time around. The So Delicious product is very good but agree it is so expensive. Praying all goes smooth for you and this time will move along at a pace with no surprises.
    Take care

  12. Kathleen in Mississippi

    You are an angel from heaven. I’m going through the same thing for the first time so I knew what to expect. I think the doctor and nurse were expecting me to kick up a fuss. I looked at the instructions and told them I can do this. They asked me if I had any questions and offered me a nutritionist but I declined and thought I’ll just go look up what Jo did last time. So imagine my happiness when I opened up your page and saw this information. It’s like you did it just for me when I needed it most. If I have side effects I’ll remind myself if Jo did this I can do it. We’re lucky there are tests and treatments that can save our lives. I can do this.

  13. Marilyn Mitchell

    Hoping and praying thing go well. I wanted to tell you I follow the Frugal Girl also, your blog and hers always make my days complete.

  14. You are such a wonderful inspiration to so many people! All you do for others, all the help you give others, and all the love you give and receive are amazing. Thank you for that.

    I believe your barrel on the frame is a match holder, and likely from the craftsman/mission style era 1905-1925 or so. My grandmother always had one near the stove in her kitchen. You did an amazing job on it, it looks great.

    Stay as well as you can, we are praying for you.

  15. I’m so glad that you had such a fun time with your niece and her son and who doesn’t enjoy Culvers. The junkin gals have some real treasures and I look forward to what you end of doing to those pieces, they sure cleaned up nicely. I shall keep you in my prayers for healthy days ahead. You got this! so glad you got some more food options to eat while you move along with treatment. We are here for you.

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