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Each day leading up to Thanksgiving I write about something I am thankful for.  Today and every day I am thankful for my Mom.

Today would have been my Mom’s 85th birthday but sadly, I’ve been living without her for the last 23 years.  I was 24 when she died and I am almost to the point that I have lived just as many years without her as I did with her.  Yet her influence is still strong.

We don’t have a lot of pictures of her but here is a scan of a scrap book page my sister did of our mom.  I get my round face and chubby cheeks from her.  I wish I’d have gotten her hourglass shape.

Mom was 37 when I was born.  I was the last of the kids.  I have a sister 16 years older than me-then brothers 11, 6 and 4 years older than me.  I know she was happy to have a girl again.  She was ready for a buddy and I was it.  She spoiled me even though I didn’t deserve it.

She was constantly busy.  She was mending, cooking, cleaning, taking care of grand kids, taking care of her goats and taking care of Dad all of the time.  She didn’t sit still.  I got that from her.  She always had a sewing machine out and was sewing clothes, mending or altering clothes.  She grew up in the depression and learned not to waste much.  She would try anything.  She reupholstered chairs and honestly was so good at it a person couldn’t tell it wasn’t from the factory.  She laid carpet and the linoleum in her house.  She thrifted our clothes and we were always well dressed.

Mom had amazing patience.  She wanted me to learn to sew and she wanted me to be educated.  There was always money for fabric and always money for books.  When she would help me sew clothes if there was hand sewing, she’d do that part if I asked.  If I made a mistake, she would start me on another section to sew and rip out my mistakes.  For my 16th birthday she made sure there was money so I could get my own sewing machine.  Oh I loved that Singer.

Mom didn’t grow up in the best of families.  She suffered through emotional and physical abuse.  She suffered through poverty that the depression only made worse.  Amazingly she never used that as crutch, she used it as a place to grow from and never ever let us kids have to deal with the same.

It was so hard when I lost my mom…she was my best friend and my mom both all wrapped up one.

Mom had some health problems.  Knowing what I know today, I am guessing she was lactose intolerant and would have greatly benefited from a gluten free diet.  In the 70’s and 80’s little was known about that.  She would have LOVED the internet.  She would have loved it for the knowledge available and for the quick ease in getting responses back via email.  Sadly, she missed all of that.

To this day though she still has an influence on me.  We have much the same parenting style.  We both are energized if someone says we can’t do it…we’ll do it just to prove them wrong.  We both have many of the same hobbies and love of animals.  Both of us take being the mom as a serious job and one we feel honored to undertake.  Both of us could be found working the the tune of a hymn in our mind.  Both of us love our kids like crazy.

In the end, my mom died because she refused to go to the doctor.  Had she went, medication or a simple surgery could have fixed her problem.  That is so sad to me.

She was the best mom…to this day, of all the things I am thankful for, having her for a mom is probably on the top of the list.  She was that big of an influence on me and had a huge impact on who I am today.

Happy Birthday MOM…I love you.

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  1. I, too, lost my mom at a very young age and it’s still tough! I miss mine every day and she’s been gone for 31 years. This is a very nice tribute to you mom. Bless you.

  2. Jo, your mom would be so proud to read this!! Being the best mother possible is the most important gift that we can pass on to our children!! She did an awesome job and so did you!! Now your own children are leaving the nest and will soon be having babies…and the cycle continues!! What a wonderful gift you and your mom have passed on!!

  3. The days have gone by so swiftly, but our memories of our mothers never fade. Your mom was so full of life and vitality-a gift she passed onto you and your family.

  4. Such a joy to read a great story of love and friendship and respect between daughter and mother! You are blessed Jo!!! I too have an amazing mother, and thankfully I am blessed to still have her with me even though at 74 she has begun to slow down quite a bit.

  5. That was beautiful. It made me cry! Your mom would be so proud of you today. I am so blessed to still have my mom (and dad) in my life. Although I live 10 hours from them now, when I see them I cherish every minute I’m with them.

  6. Any MOM would be happy to hear she was the BEST. My Mom left me when I was a brand new MOM. I was 20 years old. My sister and I celebrated when we turned 55, her age when she died. I was the baby too. I don’t say I was spoiled, just well-loved! My mother died on Christmas EVE and I try every year to give a homemade gift like one that she would have made for my Grandchildren. I hope that my Grandchildren grow up knowing how wonderful she was. I think my MOM would have liked your MOM!

  7. Reading your story i start feeling like I am reading my own story. My mom died 7 years ago when i was 34, she was my best friend, my teacher, my beloved mom. Losing her has changed me. I am now – together with my sister – the oldest generation since my dad died in 1972 when my mom was 3 months pregnant with me. I still miss her very much but like you I am also very grateful for having her as my mom! I couldn’t have wished for a mom more caring or loving as her! she tought me to knitt, to crochet to sew. she dried my tears when i was sad, she pulled me in her arms when i needed a hug… she knew me like no other person in this world.. we both had really great mom’s ! thank you for your story!

    hugs from the Netherlands

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