Thank Yous All Around

The mood of the days around here can be a little like a rollercoaster.  Just last week I had a bad day.  Today is an amazing day.  So often the bad days are made just a little better all because of a trip to the mailbox.  Kramer and I have both been “picked up” by the cards and gifts that have been coming in the mail.

I’ve been trying to keep up with thank yous but some people make that challenging.

Notice the packages have no return address on them.  One even put our address in the return address spot.  AH….Thank you to the anonymous people who sent these things.  It was so sweet.  Both Kramer and I are appreciative of the cards, thoughtful words and gifts that are sometimes included.  We’ve gotten a few gift cards to help with the travel expenses to get Kramer to Lacrosse for treatments.  It’s so appreciated.  One reader even added a McDonalds gift card and told me to use it on iced coffee….

It is so comforting to be thought of and wished well to…especially on the hard days.

Here was a thoughtful gift from Paula.  At first I didn’t know what it was, then I saw the picture…..
It’s a port protector.  When a person has a port (IV easy access), a car seat belt goes right over the port and rubs.  This pillow helps it to not be irritating.  How thoughtful.  Thanks so much Paula.

Here you can see how it’s used….

…and here you can see how it is constructed.  This is perfect.  I would have never thought of this on my own.

Donna sent a wonderful package.  Shirts!!  Some are perfect for Georgia’s quilt….the orange and black are going in my collection for two quilts I have a mind to make.

Also in the package Donna sent a little gift card/cash holder with a gift inside.  What a FUN idea.  I know many of you have people you’d love to gift something to…check out the holder made from a shirt cuff.

From what I can see the the cuff was cut off…

Then is was folded up to the right size and sewn down along the sides.  The buttons are already on the cuff and the buttonhole is already there so this is PERFECT, quick and fun.

I really love this idea.  I’m planning on making up a few so I have them on hand.  I really like the idea.  It would be cute to add to the top of a gift for a kid and put gum or something like that inside too.

The next card came from Ana S.  Oh my…a cross stitch card.  I’m hoping to make the little cross stitch piece into a pin cushion or little ornament.  How cute and appropriate was that!!  I love it.

All of us had a good laugh over the way Ana addressed the envelope…Kramer Kramer.

Thanks so much everyone.  It really has put a bright light in our days to receive your mail.  We appreciate it all.  A special thank you to the people who don’t include a return snail mail or email address…we do thank you but have no way to individually let you know how much your gift has meant to us.

You all are a real blessing to us.  THANKS.

3 thoughts on “Thank Yous All Around”

  1. How wonderful that you are loved and appreciated. Keep the faith! (does that show my age lol)
    Thinking of you all. Prayers and positive vibes being sent

  2. Yes! Kramer & Kramer I too think you are very special! I enjoyed reading & seeing your very deserving gifts today! I especially liked the unique handmade shirt cuff gift card holder! Keeping you in my prayers! Take care!

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