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We had beautiful weather here in Iowa in November and December and even the first half of January and then WHAM!  In about 10 days time we went from grass on the ground and okay temps to SNOW on the ground with record setting low temperatures.  AH.  I’ve shoveled snow four times and now it’s piled high.

This was our weather for the week as of Sunday….a snowstorm coming in Sunday night and a deep freeze settling in for this week.

Monday afternoon we moved to this.  Wind Chill watches and warnings.  The wind chill or feels like temperature is likely to hit -60 degrees.  YES, MINUS SIXTY DEGREES.

Kelli’s birthday is January 25th and Kayla’s January 31st.  I don’t EVER remember a year that we didn’t have nasty weather over that time.  This year it’s true again.

Years ago when we were living on the farm and the kids all lived at home a feed rep came and talked to Hubby after a long cold spell.  It had been a week long spell and then the farm waterers were much harder to maintain.  The feed rep asked Hubby if he was able to feed all the cattle all the days being it was so cold.  Hubby laughed.  Of course he fed them.

At supper that night Hubby relayed the story to the kids.  One of them, I can’t remember which one it was, piped up and said, “If the cattle weren’t fed we sure wouldn’t be sitting here down to eat.”  The other kids piped in saying “Ya, Dad would have had us all out there with wheel barrows carting feed if the equipment didn’t work”.  They were so right.

That’s the truth of a good farmer.  When your animals need you, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, from temperatures over 100 to temperatures below -50 degrees, the farmer is there.

I saw this on Facebook….

To any of you farmers out there dealing with the weather, losses, poor prices or the like.  Here’s a HUGE shout out to you and your family.  We know farming isn’t a one man show!!  Take care today and every day.  THANK YOU!!

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  1. You were words were welcome to hear. I’ve helped break ice so they could drink, hauled new calves to the house to warm them up and hopefully give them a chance to live, killed coyotes who were eager to pray on the weak or new born calves. The farmers, ranchersand all the animals need our prayers. Thanks for reminding everyone of this.

  2. Being a city slicker all my life , I’ve never thought about what all a farmer goes through. But then, when does anyone know how the ‘other half’ lives or what their life involves. Thanks for sharing some of what goes on with a farmer’s life.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh yeah! I’ve chopped through 12″ of ice to get water to my horses many times. During the summer, I can just go out once a day to feed and water, during the freezing times, I’m out there at least 3 times a day so they always have water available and enough feed to keep them healthy!

  4. We have -15 wind chills in KY this morning. My farmer is getting ready to check on and feed the beef cattle, like he does every day. It doesn’t stop for sub-zero temps or snow, you just figure out how to work safely through it.

  5. Amen jo! I recall the years of being a farm kid in MN and some of those memories are of brutal weather. I have friends who are calving in N.D, right now and the temps are -61 below with the wind chill. Its been really harsh for them, even with a heated barn.

  6. Thank you to all of the farmers that keep the rest of us fed. Your weather is making our 37 degrees in Salt Lake feel like summer. The other day there was a post that appeared on Bloglovin that started out talking about Hobby Lobby, but then it didn’t link when I tried to open it. Was I the only one that couldn’t read it?
    I enjoy your daily posts.

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