Testing: Chocolate Banana Bread

I’m a little lazy sometimes.  I’ll admit that.  This is proof.

I was in town getting groceries and saw that bananas were 14 cents a pound.  They were the ones that were banana bread ready so I grabbed a couple sacks of them.

The kids at my house love banana bread and love smoothies.  I used these bananas all the time for both.  Plus Georgia and Gannon are both trying baby food (Gannon hates it-Georgie loves it) so these softer bananas work great for making our own baby food too.

Well about the same day I saw a recipe in my Facebook feed that was for chocolate banana bread.  That sounded interesting but I didn’t tag the recipe.

So…I was going to make banana bread with the bananas and remembered chocolate banana bread.  Shucks.  I didn’t tag the recipe.  Of course I could have gone to the computer and Googled “chocolate banana bread”, but like I said, I’m a little lazy.

Instead I decided to tweak my own banana bread recipe.

It’s my favorite recipe and came from our daughter Kayla.  This makes ONE loaf.

I ended up making it but I wanted TWO loaves and I wanted chocolate I made these tweaks.  I doubled everything but when it came to the flour this is the change I made-  1/2 cup cocoa and 2 1/2 cups flour.

Here the loaves are ready for the oven.

They came out looking like this….

They sure looked good….

The texture looks good…

…but now for a taste…..
I’m doing a thumbs up for sure.  You can see that I didn’t wait too long and let it cool properly…but it’s good and very moist.  I think it will be even better once it cooled.  Yep…my laziness in not finding a proper recipe and just tweaking my own definitely worked.  I think next time I’ll add a few mini chocolate chips.  YUM!!

12 thoughts on “Testing: Chocolate Banana Bread”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Me I make banana nut bread generally using pecans. ( I like them better than walnuts. Adding the chocolate would be making disappearing bread. Thanks for the idea. I think my next quilt will be the disappearing nine patch. Thanks again for revisiting an older blog.

  2. I’ve always used up extra ripe bananas by adding a couple to a chocolate cake recipe…the banana smell in the kitchen as the cake or cupcakes baked used to drive my kids nuts…now I do the same thing to my grandkids!

  3. I ALWAYS throw a handful or two of chocolate chips, in my banana bread. It’s not banana bread without them. And NO nuts!

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