Over the last couple weeks I’ve had a pain in my right side.  Back in 1990 I had my gall bladder removed.  It was done the old fashion way with a scalpel and large incision.  The pain is just below that a couple inches.  The pain at times radiates around to my back…it’s not a sharp pain but it is an annoying pain.  It’s almost always there just as a dull ache.

After putting up with it for two weeks, I went to the doctor.  She said that she suspected an adhesion due to the gall bladder surgery but wanted to do an ultrasound to see.  In our rural area, ultra sounds are only done on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  So Wednesday I was back for an ultra sound.

I was a little worried about the whole thing…and as Ila told me not to do, I “borrowed trouble”.

The results came back that there is nothing they can see that would cause the pain other than a “fatty liver”.   So good news…no cancer or anything like that….bad news-less alcohol and food in my life.

I am so glad that I went.  The nagging pain was getting to me and I started worrying imaging the worst.  I am sure others do the same.  Going to the doctor and having the piece of mind that it really isn’t what we imagined can be such a blessing.  I don’t mean to share such personal information but I want to encourage all of you to make sure you’re getting to the doctor when necessary.

For once I hope I can do the healthy life style not the diet thing…wish me luck!!  Let’s just hope by this time next year, my liver isn’t quite so fatty and that I’m a little bit healthier.  Which leads me to believe that I just might have to revamp those New Year’s resolutions I made to include a new diet.

4 thoughts on “Testing…1-2-3”

  1. Knowing is half the battle. Was just reading on another site that milk thistle supplements are good for the liver. Also tumeric, either as a tea or as a supplement.

  2. You may want to have your spine checked. Pain that wraps around the body can sometimes be cause by a pinched nerve root in the thoracic spine.

  3. well now ….I have had my gall bladder removed and sometimes I have a nasty pain just under the rib cage where I am assuming is my pancreas. I get these pains when I have eaten something fatty…..like fried onion rings. I try to not eat those very often. A fatty liver huh????? RATS I already battle that fatty monster…..:)

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