Temptation is so…well…tempting.

Do you ever start too many projects at once?  I do.
I think I have about ten projects in the process right now.  All are in varying stages….some cut, some blocks sewn waiting for room to lay them out…one waiting for borders, a mystery waiting for clues….if you have been quilting long, you are likely in the same boat. 

I am caving to the temptation yet again….
Charming Chatter is hosting a Schnibble Contest and I am just to tempted to resist.  I have been thinking about doing it for some time but couldn’t decide on a fabric.  Then last weekend I was at a new to me quilt shop in Hayward, Minnesota and found charm packs of the new Moda fabric, Collection for a Cause Hope.  I still haven’t decided which quilt from  the book I am making….just that I am using that fabric.

Just to show you how bad I am at starting too many projects, I thought I’d give you a little tour…
My English Paper Piecing….I call it my 10 year project.
Here’s a stack of projects I am actively working on at this moment….there are three right there.
Here’s another stack…. one is collecting fabric, my leader and ender blocks that are finished and a flag quilt.

Here’s another stack…Each one of these baskets is a separate project…
Besides these I have 2 quilts upstairs that need to be machine quilted, and two by the sewing machine, plus two sets of completed blocks that need to be sewn together.  If I were to not read another quilt magazine, visit a quilt shop or read another blog for about a year so I could get all of these projects finished, it would probably be best. 

But I love quilting….I actually like having lots of projects going on at once. 

I probably shouldn’t start another project…..But, like I say…temptation is just so….welll….tempting.  Are you tempted too?

8 thoughts on “Temptation is so…well…tempting.”

  1. I too have startitis… I have two redwork projects, 6 quilt tops ready, 70 (of 121) Civil War blocks, quilts blocks ready to put together into a top…which of course ups that number 6 to 7…. ok i’m gonna stop now…and maybe start something else?

  2. Hahahaha! Always tempted!! I’m prepping to start a new quilt while sewing away with the girls next week….Then I will concentrate on finishes!!

  3. I think ALL quilters have more than one thing going on at a time. I know I do too. And I am liking that Schnibbles Times Two book a lot so you know there will be more coming my way LOL. Have Fun!

  4. Well it looks like you have all those projects well in hand! I don’t have quite that many going, but if I did stop to count I am sure it would be close! I am looking forward to seeing yours shape up into some gorgeous quilts! I did manage to resist the mystery (and I love mysteries) and I am already regretting that!

  5. Our quilt guild has a UFO contest. I listed 19! And those included only the ones that I had cut or started. That doesn’t include the kits that in drawers or the fabric that’s sitting together in a bag waiting for some attention! To make it worse – 2 LQS’s and the sewing ctr where my machine gets tuned up are all starting new BOMs soon – it’s sign up time. I did sign up for the one at the sewing ctr b/c I can use my stash on that one and it’s a small Christmas-themed lap quilt. I love BOMs – going to the shop every month, etc., but finishing them – they can be SO complicated!

  6. Glad I’m not the only one – LOL! And all the projects I have going, do not include the UFO’s! I, too, need to stop looking at blogs, magazines, etc, but I cannot resist the temptation. (Oh, but it’s so much fun)

  7. Yeah – I’m so excited that you’re going to Schnibble Along with us! Great fabric choice, too! Oh, and I call my affliction QADD (Quilter’s Attention Deficit Disorder) – too many fun projects to focus my attention on just one! Looks like you’ve got lots of great things going!

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