TEMPTATION…a puppy??

You all know I’ve been tempted to get a puppy.  Can you guess how hard it was for me when someone I knew had beagle puppies??  SUPER HARD!!

You might remember a month or so ago I had thought I would get a rescue beagle but then someone else got the dog.  Then I had a lead on a beagle puppy from a rescue group.  I debated and debated on getting the puppy.  In the end, I didn’t.

I made the decision to put more work and money into Rosie.  It was the right decision.  She is a much happier dog.

She adores the in-ground fencing.  All of us love the inground fencing.  We love it so much that Betsy, Kalissa’s dog, is getting inground fencing on Monday.  YA-HOO!!

Rosie and I started dog obedience classes and she is doing well.  She’s not the star of the class but she’s holding her own and does everything she’s asked.  She doesn’t love the car rides to class but she loves the class.  I plan to continue on to the next level of classes with her.  I’ve been so busy and haven’t done as much follow-up training at home with her but, she’s still going great.

I’ll admit though, that another dog is still on my mind…not front and center like it was…but, on my mind.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of Buck’s classmates that lives in the area had beagle puppies.  I didn’t even know that they had beagles.

I ended up inquiring about them.  Ah…  So tempting.

Here they are…all boys.  There was one girl in the litter but she is already spoken for.

Aren’t they so cute??

You can see why… I think they are so tempting.  Cute, cute, cute!!

Typically I’ve always gotten female dogs.

I know puppyhood doesn’t last forever but oh my.  These are the cutest.

I start in on a whole litany of ideas of why I should get a puppy…
-it’s Summer and it’s the perfect time for a puppy the grandkids are here they would love it
-it’s Summer and house training is so much easier
-Rosie would like a friend
-I know the people and know these pups are being raised by a great family and have tons of kid contact.  The owner’s boys are 5 and 9.
-I’d like another friend

I thought about going to look at them but have refrained.  I’m too afraid I’d say yes.  I’m that close to getting one.

The owner contacted me and asked if I’d made a decision on getting one.  I ended up saying:
“The kid in me is screaming YES but the adult in me is saying NO. Unfortunately, I have to listen to the adult.”

AH!!  I’d still really love one.

The little pups have the coloring I love.

They don’t have a full saddle-backed like all of my previous beagles…


The pups would be ready for pick up on July 4th.  A puppy would really give my life some BANG!  More exciting than fireworks for sure!!

They are only asking $250 for an unpapered puppy.  That is very reasonable.  Oh my.  Are any of you looking for a beagle puppy that is reasonably priced, kid-friendly, home raised, and super cute??  Please come and get them so that I don’t.

Seriously…I am tempted.  Seriously, if you are looking for a pup, I will happily share their contact information with.  Just email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

Keep an eye open on the blog.  Who knows.  I might just get a puppy yet.  The child in me seems to be screaming louder than the adult in me right now.  HA!!

…and yes, I do know a puppy is a lot of work…and expense but I also know the flip side…LOTS OF LOVE!!

28 thoughts on “TEMPTATION…a puppy??”

  1. Jo – yes, you should get the puppy! With invisible fencing you’ve got it made and Ruby would love a playmate! I’m voting yes to the puppy!

  2. I keep thinking if there was any way you could ‘borrow’ the puppy for a couple of days to see how Rosie reacts to him. Will these puppies be the same size as Rosie? Good luck with your decision. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dorothy Borders

    I think you should get the fourth one. How can you resist that face?!
    I’m looking for a different breed or I’d be interested. Best wishes in finding your new friend. ❤

  4. Oh Jo how could you resist more LOVE ? Those faces , good job I am in the UK or I would end up with them all!! I vote YES , the time is right, RIGHT NOW.

  5. I suggest you listen to the adult and hold off for the female you’d prefer at a better time in the future when you have finished training Rosie. I am on my third training class with our 9-month-old vizsla puppy, Ruby, and she is doing great. But as you say, it requires frequent and consistent follow-up at home, and I am not nearly as busy as you are. Plus, new puppies need time and training, too… P.S. We have two dogs. The older one, Summer, a mellow yellow lab, was obedience trained and almost five when we got Ruby. The stress of adjustment was very easy on her at that stage. They are fast friends and insist on sharing the same crate, so we recently opted for a XXL once Ruby was house trained. Opportunity will knock again.

  6. How can you resist a face like that? I’ll be waiting in July 5th to see which one you get!! Rosie is spayed, isn’t she?

  7. Susan Diethrich

    Listen and heed your inner adult. Puppies (and kittens) are undeniably cute and hard to resist, but the reality is that puppies (and kittens) are adopted ahead of super-deserving adult animals. After you and Rosie have completed your training together,if your are still tempted to add another dog to your family, please consider checking out Beagle resue groups in your area. You very well may find the perfect companion for Rosie and you–and possibly all ready house trained.

  8. I vote for a rescue dog. Wait till you have Ruby trained and then find a rescue. Your life is very busy and all dogs take time. We had two of our four rescue dogs pass within a 10 month period and I saw a pitiful dog up for adoption. We rescued her and training her has begun. She is a joy to our hearts and adores us. Knowing that they found this very young dog pregnant living under a deserted house and now she is with us being loved on every day, every hour,, is such a joy for her and us. Let the rescue people know you will be available for another beagle soon. MHO.

  9. Chris Petersen

    Go for it I have two and it is so fun watching them play and catch around the house. This pup is perfect for you as it is already around small children in the house. Yes it will take some of your time right now but we’ll worth it in the end

  10. Maybe instead of getting another full-time puppy, you could do dog-sitting or temporary fostering, like Mary from Country Threads does. Will a male puppy take over as Top Dog, and displace Rosie?

  11. For most of my adult life I’ve had 2 dogs at the same time. Right now I have 1 Shih Tzu that is our baby. We are now in our early 80’s which stops me from getting another puppy. He is now 7 and our complete joy. Having puppy’s it not hard work..when you love them so much. The love thy give you is worth every bit of your time. Go for it you won’t be sorry.

  12. We had 2 English setters that were 6 months apart in age. The winter potty training went much quicker than the summer potty training. With” hunting breeds”, there are not as many interesting smells and puppy didn’t like the cold any more than I did.

  13. Continue to resist. If it was the right thing for you to do, you wouldn’t be vacillating. Go you for following through on Rosie’s training.

  14. They are precious. So glad it’s you and not me making that choice cause I’d be wanting All of them…We should be in the house on 30th of the month. It’s been a real battle. But pretty soon hopefully some ending to allow new beginnings.
    God Bless you Jo as you make your choices.

  15. I have no advice!!!! They are absolutely ADORABLE and would sure be hard to resist!!! At some point- what will be will be, is how I look at it!! I feel every bit of your push/pull —tugging and trying to decide what is best!!!

  16. Rosie would do well and $250 is a really great deal. I’ve read that you decide who’s the alpha by feeding them and petting that dog first—because of course you are the alpha. You are right not to go look unless you’re ready. Well, maybe just a peak I just love the first guy—he looks sharp! We’ve always had boys dogs and loved them.

  17. You could take Rosie to visit them and see if she gets along with any of them She might like one but then again she might not like any of them.

  18. How tough. If you are having hesitation, maybe you should concentrate on the training now and when that is done, you can wait for the next one to pop up in your life. You know there will be other opportunities. Also if you want a female, I would hold out so you have no regrets. Males are different. All loving, but…… If you have no reservation, go for it.

  19. Isn’t it funny that we prefer 1 sex over another? I prefer males over females. I’m a retired dog groomer. I love dogs so much I wanted to be around them all the time. I’ve had dogs my entire adult life, mainly poodles. At 1 time I brought home a half Shepard half sheepdog puppy to my then 6 yr old you poodle. I swear you could hear that pup grow! One day he annoyed the dog just once too often, I heard a cry/Yelp and ran to find my 10# poodle with his teeth in the pups neck while holding him down with 1 paw! The puppy was about 25# by then so my point is whichever dog has the more assertive personality will be the alpha and most of the time the beta is fine with that, it relaxes them, they don’t have to be “in charge”. I decided when my health was deteriorating that I couldn’t care for a dog anymore. I’d already adopted my last 2 as seniors from the shelter. So, I got a cat. A stray that was living in my yard, pregnant. Found homes for her 6 kittens then had her scanned for a chip, checked the shelter, etc. Nobody claimed her. Then there was a male who had been thru the SNIP program, then a kitten born in the yard who followed me everywhere. Somehow I thought they’d be less work than a dog…boy, was I wrong! I miss having a dog, I really do, but a puppy? No! Too many dogs, especially seniors and large breeds, languish in shelters waiting for a forever home. Plus, I don’t think I could live thru another housebreaking, lol!

  20. Was just reading the post Kelli shared today and seen my puppy in this post. We ending up getting a 2nd beagle. The little girl with the black face. They are good dogs but she is still a puppy!

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