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I’ve said many times that I don’t watch television.  I watch even less now.  I used to have television on while I cooked but I don’t even do that anymore.  I put on an audio book instead.  Hubby does watch but he’s gotten so that he works on something in the garage at night and watches the television in there.  It’s just a small television that I bought him a few years ago as a gift that he scoffed at and said he likely wouldn’t use..well he uses it a lot!

The television in the living room rarely gets used.  We have a Netflix account that I’ve kept because occasionally we’ve watched a documentary-History Channel type stuff-but not real often.  It’s cheaper to have the membership than to mess with renting a movie.  I was always awful at returning movies.

Since childcare started, I do finally use Netflix.  At nap time the kids who don’t nap typically watch some type of PBS show but the problem, the ones that the kids really like aren’t on television then so I find them via Netflix.  That’s okay though…I finally feel like I am getting use from the membership.

All along we’ve used the old x-box to view Netflix…only problem, last week the x-box died.

I was pretty sad.  I didn’t want to buy anything to be able to view Netflix but yet now that the kids are using Netflix I really wanted to still be able to access it.

Then I remembered….just before we moved we bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Amazon was doing a promo that at the time they were selling the Fire Sticks to Prime members at a greatly discounted rate.  I thought it would be great to have in the new house so we could watch Netflix and not have an x-box connected to the television.  I envisioned using it in the kitchen, bedroom or quilting room.


We tried it in the kitchen but it didn’t work.  I tried.  Kalissa tried.  Craig tried.  It just didn’t work.  I thought to return it but it had been three month since I originally purchased it.  That didn’t seem right.

I had tried to give it away to the kids but none of them wanted to try it.

I ended up throwing it in the drawer because I couldn’t get myself to throw it away.

Fast forward to now.  I remembered it was there so I grabbed it, plugged it in and gave it a try.  IT WORKED!!  It actually works wonderfully.

I am so happy!  I really didn’t want to afford something else but really had gotten used to being able to watch Netflix.  I am so glad I threw it in the drawer and so glad I remembered it.

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  1. Can you get You Tube on this device? They have a lot of kids counting and ABC’s and songs on Little Baby Bum channel. You can You Tube on your laptop free and can use your HDMI cable from the laptop to you HD TV and it has hours of programming free. My Granddaughters are 1 and 2 1/2 and they love it. They have Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies and many other shows the kids might like. Chris

  2. I’m not much of a TV watcher, either, and like you, am watching it less and less. My handwork suffers, though, because if I’m not watching a show, I’m not sitting still!

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