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I had told you that the flu was going through the childcare.  Well early yesterday morning like by 5am…I had made several trips to the bathroom and knew that the flu bug finally caught me too.

I called off childcare, parked myself and my cross stitch on the couch and binge watched the day away.  As I am writing this, it’s 8pm and honestly, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be up and at ’em tomorrow.  We’ll have to see what the night brings.

I never sit on the couch the whole day so this was really weird for me.  Poor Ruby was confused.  She got plenty of attention though and that’s all she cared about.

Here are two shows that had my attention…

The Sinner

There are two seasons of this out.  A third season will be coming.  YAHOO!  This is a USA Network original.  I watched it on Netflix.

Image result for the sinner
Kelli recommended that I watch this.  I watched season one first and liked it but could live without so much of the sex stuff.  It’s a show that takes one crime and every episode digs viewers in a little bit more.  I’ve found that I really like that premise.

The first is about a gal who murders someone on the beach right in front of many witnesses.  It was almost like she had a psychotic break. Getting down to the whys of the crime had several twists and turns.

The second season is about a boy who grows up in a commune.  This one involved a sex crime but there wasn’t nearly as much sex in it…one scene in the whole series…

Image result for the sinner
Can you believe in one day of sitting on the couch I watched the last episode of season one and finished the entire season two.  Ah…I hate that as now I have to find a new show!!

The other show I watched was …Shetland

Image result for shetland series

I have watched seasons 1-3 and loved them.  In my scrolling I found that Brit Box had more seasons…YES PLEASE.  So I signed up for Brit Box.  I had cancelled my Acorn Television subscription back in February so didn’t feel one bit guilty signing on to Brit Box.

I started season 4 and am already three episodes in.  I love the show.  I love the cast…everything is really good.  It’s a cop show with an ongoing mystery so I suggest watching the shows in order.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it 100 times.  I love British television as The characters aren’t all beautiful…many have flaws.  It makes them all seem so much more realistic or “normal”.

The scenery in this is awesome as it’s filmed in Scotland and the actors all have the lovely Scottish accents.  I’ve learned to watch with the closed caption on.  It helps me a lot!!

If I got that much television watching done…imagine the cross stitch I got done.  You’ll have to stop by on Monday and I’ll show a couple completed projects!!

Does anyone else have Brit Box?  Is there something you recommend?

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  1. Don’t have Britox — yet. Maybe when my husband retires, but have seen Shetland on PBS and love it too! Not sure if these are on audio books or not, but you should check out the books by Jacqueline Winspear. She wrote a series of Massie Dobbs books plus a couple of others. Good stories with a real understanding of what went on in the World War I era in Britain. Think you would like them.

  2. So sorry you were ill. Hope you are better by now!
    I love the British TV shows too and watch with the closed captioning. Sometimes it just sounds like gibberish if is don’t have the captions on . I’m a little better than I used to be understanding the accents but I don’t want to have to concentrate that hard. I’ve stuck with Acorn but may have to switch and watch Brit Box.

  3. I love British shows. We lived in England with the Air Force in the 70’s and been back many times. Went last summer to visit my British quilting friend. Also went to the International Festival of Quilts with her in 2016. Love it there and all their shows! Get well. What better day is there than binge watching your favorites.

  4. My sister really enjoys The Great British Bake-Off, as they’re much nicer to each other. Frankly, you can sell me anything with a British accent!

  5. It’s too early to be sick!!! Hope you are feeling better today! Have you watched “Outlanders”? There are several seasons on Netflix. It is set in Scotland and is excellent but beware of all the sex scenes!

  6. I loved the Downton Abby series. I would love to have Brit Box, but I can’t even afford Cable T.V, so that is out of the question for me. I used to get The great British Bake off on my T.V, but somehow they blocked the PBS channels from me. I have rabbit ears only for T.V. and now I get 2 local channels, but I am used to that now, so onward and upward, that is life.

  7. Loved Shetland & all of the English shows…they’re SO much better than ours…you’re so right!

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  8. I haven’t kept up with my favorite quilting blogs for some time. We raise three grandsons, 13, 9, and 5 and by the time I get any quiet time, I’m pooped and ready for bed. But since school is back in I’m playing catch up and just read about your loss. I am so sorry. I read your past blogs about your grandson and I loved the way you handled telling him about his grandfather being with Jesus. That is precious. God Bless you and watch over you.

  9. I love Britbox! We are power watching “Escape to the Country”. It’s a real estate program that has a host taking people to 3 possible homes fitting their wish list. The last house is a “mystery house” that is a twist on the have to have list. So many times people have the most interest in the mystery house. Best of all lots of scenery, area history , visit with a local and area relates activity . Thank you for bringing up Acorn TV earlier this year!I had never heard of it, checked it out to watch Agatha Christie mysteries. Switched to Britbox for more episodes.

  10. Hi, Diana with the rabbit ears T.V. Have you tried to adjust your rabbit ears or rescan your T.V. channels? Give that a try and see if PBS comes back. You may have more channels than before. Here near Houston we have 5 PBS channels through the rabbit ears. Our five channels are the regular PBS, Create, PBS Kids, PBS World, and voice only Sight Into Sound for the blind, a wonderful channel that can be accessed online.
    Good luck and I hope you get PBS back.

  11. Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried a series called Vera? It’s very good . A Welsh detective show called hinterland is worth a look.

  12. Keeping you in my prayers that you re better soon.
    Would love to watch some British tv – Very little internet where we travel. May try Netflix DVDs though. I’ll take your recommendations and put them in our queue.
    Love and prayers

  13. Really sorry you are sick – I’m just getting over a bad cold. That’s really interesting that you can get season one of The Sinner- I can get season two , but season one isn’t there. Strange!

  14. I prefer Acorn TV but also have Britbox. The latter has a great docudrama about Pompeii. There are also several other series on Ancient Rome that are very well done. I like the documentaries on Britbox but haven’t fallen in love with any series yet.

  15. Diana said that some of her stations on her antenna tv disappeared. The FCC has been making stations change frequencies and your tv might need to be rescanned. Maybe someone who knows her could let her know. We only have antenna and had to do this to get the stations.

  16. Hi and sorry you are feeling ‘ish’ but pleased that Shetland is helping with your recovery. I’m a Brit but still have to turn on subtitles for Shetland. Not sure if you can access this series across the pond but if you can track it down try The Repair Shop. A very gentle programme where amazingly talented craftspeople repair ‘stuff’. The ‘stuff’ is brought in by people for whom it has great sentimental value – it can be a real 2 boxes of Kleenex programme and I think it would suit your love of old things. I am in awe of the skills of the craftspeople working in the barn. Best wishes for a speedy recovery – love your blog. Cheers Lynn x

  17. I don’t have Brit Box, but I have Netflix, and I also love the British shows. Finished watching about a gazillion episodes of Midsomer Murders, an excellent series, and all of Sherlock. Now watching Hinterland, another detective series, set in Wales. I hate it when I’ve watched them all, too, because then I have to look for something else. Midsomer Murders has about 19 seasons, so you’ll be able to enjoy them awhile.

  18. Shetland is wonderful. I love the scenery, the bleakness when its bad weather and the music. I like British crime shows for the same reason as you. Another couple I enjoyed were Loch Ness (love the Scottish accents) and Happy Valley (Sarah Lancashire is brilliant)

  19. I forgot to mention another TV show I recently found. It has been around 13 years (I am definitely late to the game) and it has been so lovely to watch. Its not a crime show. It set in Canada and its called Heartland. Its based around a family that live on a horse ranch. Its gentle and just so wonderful.

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