Teach Counting through Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week when the kiddos were here, I noticed that my nephews had trouble with one to one correspondence.  They would could count faster than there were objects for.  I decided we would get a little practice in a very practical  delicious way.


We made chocolate chip cookies.  We mixed up the batter.  I scooped it onto my Pampered Chef stones and kids had to put 5 chocolate chips on each cookie.  We had a whole lot of counting going on.  The kids of course had no idea that they were learning anything….isn’t that the best?  Math work without even knowing their doing it.

We put five chocolate chips on each cookie…you can use any number.  I just picked that number because I notice one of the little guys seemed to go astray with counting once he got to five.   He could count way past five BUT he couldn’t correlate a number to an object.

If you have a little one who hates when you sit down with them and work on preschool activities with them, this is the perfect activity for you and your  kiddo too.  Plus it lets you do several things at once…spend quality time with your child, work on some practical learning skills, and treat your family to cookies.

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