Taking the Kids Home

Sunday night Hubby and I were suppose to go hang out friends.  The friends were open to the kids coming but Kelli quickly volunteered to take on the kids and supper duties.

We had gone swimming during the day so the kids were pooped out and tired.  I helped Kelli get supper going then we left.

After supper they watched Disney’s movie Frozen (which was very cute)…then they went out and lit sparklers.

Hubby and I got home just as the sparkler display was finishing up.  After a few drinks of water some tucking in and a reminder that they were going home in the morning they were off to bed.

In the morning we packed up, had an early lunch and started on our trek towards Cedar Rapids.  We knew later in the evening the weather was suppose to get stormy so we planned to cut our shopping short.

We got the kids to Marion and to their parents house.  Then we had to have a house tour.  They had moved awhile ago and we hadn’t seen the new house.  After a little visiting we were off to start errands waiting for my son to get off work so we could see his new house.  Buck and his wife Jen bought a house a month ago and we hadn’t seen it yet either.

We cut errands short and then went to him at the house.  It’s so cute.  It’s in a craftsman style, which I always love.  They have a few things to do yet.  Luckily Buck, like his dad, is super handy.  They had done some painting, wall paper removal, landscaping and refinishing of hard wood floors.  They still have more to do but so far it looks wonderful.

By then Jen was off work.  We ended up going out to eat and then for another visit to a friend of the family.  From there is was to HyVee to the gluten free section so Kelli could pick up some goodies.  Being she is gluten free she has trouble finding things in our rural area.

From there it was time to go home.  Once on the road and seeing how late it was we quickly regretted not leaving sooner.  The weather was quickly turning nasty.  We saw lots of lightning, drove through counties with tornado warnings and hit some torrential rains but luckily made it home all in one piece.  As we drove, Kelli said, “You know, the kids didn’t ride the best on the way down but I would gladly take the kid problems over the weather problems any day.”


Well today it’s back to reality….lawn needs to be mowed-laundry needs to be done-home needs to be cleaned— Hopefully it will require only day of catch up work.  All that aside, Ruby sure misses the kids and I do too.  A quiet house is wonderful some days..but I still enjoy a few noisy ones too.

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  1. Glad everybody made it home okay. I had been watching those horrible storms and wondered how you were doing since I knew you were somewhere in the area. Looks like your part of the country is ‘under the gun’ again tonight and tomorrow so stay safe.
    It will be coming towards my area tomorrow and Thursday.

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