Taking Pictures with Dogs

It’s been said that you should never work with animals or children if you want something to turn out right…after trying to take a picture with the dogs, I agree.

Kelli and I need a new photo for magazines.  Our previous photo we love…only problem, the dog I am holding is Gracie.  Gracie died two years ago.

For awhile it bothered be to try to take a picture without Ruby but times and changing and I feel a little disloyal to have Ruby in the picture.

So…we tried for a new photo….What a chore!!




Here’s the best one of everyone….except Ruby closed her eyes.



This one was the best of the worst…We had Kalissa do a little photo shop work for us….

…and that photo turned into this.

It’s not wonderful but for now…it’s gonna do.

When I was looking through the photos of us with the dogs…I ran across this one of me and Gracie…boy I miss that dog.  I love Ruby, but Gracie was good too.

Honestly…I’m still not in love with the new picture.  Do you think Kelli and Kalissa will complain if I say I want to try yet again for a new photo??  UGH.

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