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Oh, Goodnight! on Moda Bake Shop


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Have you been over to Moda Bake Shop yet today?  If you did, you saw this quilt….and it is MINE.  Yep, you guessed it.  My quilt is featured on Moda Bake Shop.


I am so excited!  The quilt is very easy to the sew.  The only challenge to it is getting it all laid out and that is VERY do-able.  I put this quilt together over two days from start to complete finish…
If you are interested in making your own quilt, Judy and Clint of Green Fairy Quilts have put together a kit including a fat quarter bundle and the background fabric… everything you need for the quilt top including the binding,  for a FABULOUS price.


The quilt came about when I was reading an old magazine.  In it there was a photo and pattern for a quilt.  It was interesting.  I wasn’t a fan of the colors but loved the way the blocks “linked” together.  The pattern reminded me of the letter “O”.


A few days later I was surfing the net checking out the new Moda fabrics that were going to be released.  I saw a line called Origins.  Again another “O”.  Immediately I thought about that “O” quilt in the old magazine.  I loved the Origins fabric line and thought it would be perfect for that quilt.

Well the directions for the pattern were a nightmare…Plus they wouldn’t work well if the quilt was going to have a scrappy feel.   Modern quilting techniques were not existent when this pattern was printed and the construction of the blocks was not to my liking.  After an hour of playing with some fabric scraps, I figured out a way to “modernize” the construction of  the old pattern.

I went to computer and generated a color design so that I could see what it would look like.  I’m a person that needs to see the quilt to count the blocks, and test my idea.  My daughter saw the computer quilt I had generated and said, “Mom, that looks like it should be on Moda Bake Shop”.  That’s how the quilt came to be….


Now for how the quilt got it’s name…For the longest time I called it my “O” quilt.  Then after visiting my 90 year old mother-in-law she said, “Oh, good night!”  It’s her typical saying whenever we tell her anything remarkable or unbelievable.  Immediately I knew that’s the name the quilt should have, “Oh, Good Night”.

If you are an Accuquilt Go! owner you’ll be glad to know that pattern is Go! friendly.  You only need a 3.5″ square die (or the 3.5″ strip die) and the 3″ finished half square triangle.  You can also use the 2.5″ strip die to cut your binding pieces.

If you want to check out a video showing how the blocks come together, you can check out this video I put together.

If you don’t have a Go!, don’t fear.You can cut your triangles using an EZ angle ruler…here’s a post on using and EZ angle ruler.


It was so fun making this quilt….head on over to Moda Bakeshop and leave a comment…I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

….and the Winner is…..

Before I announce the winner of the Accuquilt Go! Cutter, I want to show you what my college daughter Kelli was busy working on over the weekend.

First off…I have to tell you that Kelli has been quilting for about a year now.  She is an active quilter  now, but she doesn’t have years of experience like many quilters.  If we were at a quilt shop, looking at quilts on the internet, or in magazines, Kelli would QUICKLY say, “Curved seams, not gonna do it!”

Well this weekend….Kelli tried the dreaded, “Curve Seam” courtesy of the Accuquilt Go! Cutter and the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul die.

Here she is cutting out the pieces…


Now the pieces are in the machine…tackling “that curve”.  It was a breeze.  One pin connecting the notches, position it in the machine, sew a couple stitches.  Adjust, sew to the pin.   Adjust and finish it all up.

In a short time….four blocks FINISHED!


Once those were finished, her comment was, “I need to buy more of this dark print fabric.”…meaning…she plans to make more blocks.  All this from my…”Nope, curved seams!” girl.  I’ve heard lots of quilters talking about the curve master foot for sewing machines….I’m investigating that.  We didn’t have to pin a lot to do this but the curve foot might make it even easier….

We both decided that the hardest part is initially getting the pieces into the machine so the pieces are square.

Onto the winners…  First I want to say, I wish everyone could receive an Accuquilt Go!.  There were SO many emails from people making charity quilts, people who have just retired, unemployed, or people fighting illnesses or disabilities like MS and arthritis.   I can see how a Go! would make quilting MUCH easier for you….Now onto the winners.

The winner of the trivet kit is…..
#24 Susann who said
I would love to win the trivet kit. It looks like “sew” much fun. Thanks!

The winner of the Accuquilt Go! Cutter is…..
#186 Gail who said
Count me in on the Go! Cutter giveaway! I think this would be a perfect machine for all quilters. Less time cutting, more time quilting- sounds perfect! Accuquilt does have a great website. If I could win 3 dies, they would be
1. Go! Winding Ways
2. Go! Rag Square 8 1/2″
3. Go! Strip Cutter 1″ (perfect for making rag rugs)
Thanks so much for your great blog, Jo!

The winner of their choice of three dies is….
#54 Paulette who said
Yes, I am a follower…love your blog!!
I would LOVE to win three dies! My choice would be the Double Wedding Ring, Holiday Medley and Bountiful baskets. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I’m so glad you are enjoying your GO!!

All winners have been contacted.

I hope all of you who entered take a moment to go to either Accuquilt’s facebook page and thank them for the GENEROUS gifts or if you aren’t a “facebooker” head on over to their website and leave a comment in the “Contact Us” section.   These giveaways have been lots of fun for everyone.  Keep checking around, Accuquilt gives away a Go! every Friday on their facebook page and more giveaways for the Go! Cutter are coming to a blog near you!