Tackling the Main Floor

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I’ve been tackling my sewing room.  It’s still not done…Last week I didn’t get any time to do anything up there but…I shifted gears and did some work on the main floor.

Carver was at my house four days and two overnights.  On Thursday we both had enough of each other.  He asked if he could watch TV and I said, “Sure”…and that was the start to the changes I made on the main floor.

I started with the childcare stuff.  I hadn’t parred down and gotten things to a “grandma” level of toys.  I started with cribs.  I had two on the main floor.  Nope.  I don’t need two.  I did end up keeping one after calling Kayla and she said she preferred having one on the main floor for when Jasper visits..so I kept one.  The other I gave back to the family that borrowed it to me.  Then I realized I had another crib in the basement.  I messaged one of my childcare parents to see if their new childcare provider wanted it…she did.  Then asked if she wanted a table…she did…then I ask..and then we came to the conclusion she’d take whatever I wanted to get rid of.  Hallelujah.  That was awesome.  That gave me just the motivation I needed to clean stuff out.

Carver wasn’t so hot on some of the toys finding new homes.  I’d have to sneak stuff into a box so he didn’t see.  We ended up putting aside several toys for him to take home.

By the time I finished, the back of the pickup and the front seat were full of things.  I am so happy to have all that childcare stuff GONE!  Honestly, I still have enough stuff that I could start a childcare but this much is an okay amount.  What a can of worms I opened!!

From there I…. decided it was time for the rug under my kitchen table to go.  I took that out and put it in the burn pile.

I liked that look so then I got the nerve to take out the rug in the dining room too.

I never really liked the color with the rest of the house.  I got it at the thrift store…It was time for it to go.  Besides Rosie had an accident or two or likely more on it and I was ready to go rugless rather than have a rug I didn’t like.  Rugs are great but the thing Kramer and I loved about this house was the wood.  Why cover it all with rugs??

I ended up taking the rug outside.  I took the picture below.  I put it on a Facebook group saying it was free but had to be cleaned before being used and within 15 minutes, it was gone!!  

Then on hands and knees mopped the floor.  Oh yes.  I like it better.  I took a leaf out of the table.  Yes…even better.

Things are still a little topsy turvy.  I have a few more things that need to find homes….but, most of what I’m getting rid of, is in it’s new home.

The truck load of childcare stuff I gave away to the new childcare provider.
The back seat of stuff is taken and dropped off at Goodwill.
I filled a garbage can.
I took stuff to my lady that makes layettes and veteran’s quilts.
The stuff Carver wanted is at his house.

Oh.  I’m feeling so much better.  Now I have the main floor to put back together and the sewing still not all way put together but that’s okay.  I’m making progress and it the end, that’s all that matters…The progress feels so good!!  I’m liking the house more…but it’s also revealing other things that need attention but that’s okay.  I love working on the house and making an even better home.

When Covid first hit my goal was to get all the way through the house once.  I wanted a place for everything or I wanted it gone.  Making masks got in the way of all that which is okay.  I am now so eager to keep at the house no matter the room, no matter the level.  The kitchen cabinets have been calling my name…as have the windows.  I really want to get them all washed….but then there’s the garden…and that Texas Braid quilt on the frame.  There really is always something….and I thought not doing childcare full time would be boring!

All I can say is I’m so glad for all the work I got done last Thursday.  It was a great step in the start of tackling the main floor.

17 thoughts on “Tackling the Main Floor”

  1. Oh, I bet that feels good! I recently cleaned up my sewing room and cleaned out my cookbooks so I could use that cupboard space for other things.

  2. Jo, you are doing great! The wood is beautiful and good to uncover those floors. Keep up your good work, and you might never really be done, but that’s the joy of it.

  3. Kathleen Robin

    Good for you. During covid I have managed to clean out all the cupboards and drawers in my kitchen and then I bagged about 3 large bags and four boxes to go to the Salvation Army drop off when it opens up once again. I have been sewing masks and making pillow cases and pot holders and shopping bags for the up coming Christmas sales at church. I have now started on the dreaded shredding. This Covid has at least got me dealing with things that need attention. But will be happy when things are more normal once again. I understand your cleaning things out. It is indeed a good feeling. Take care and stay healthy. Kathy.

  4. I’ve been doing the same thing and it feels wonderful. I am donating dolls to a museum and I sold the shelves in 2 minutes on FB. Then I sold some quilts I had bought cheap. I’m going through the house and then going back again. I still have things to sell but it just takes time to get it all together. It looks like we are on a roll!

  5. Wow, Jo! You are really on a roll!! Every day I come up with some OTHER project beside cleaning and reorganizing. I applaud your dedication to getting your home in tip top shape! Hoping this house this transfers over into motivation for me to get going (like your sewing room adventure did.)

  6. I took up the rugs and had them cleaned because of accidents by my pug. When they came back, I didn’t put them down as she was having issues. Biscuit crossed the bridge in January and the rugs still aren’t down. I just love the look of our hardwoods. Plus, the older we get (hubby is 80), the more I worry about tripping accidents.

  7. Rugs are nice in the wintertime… There is carpet under my dining room table (came with the house.) I thought I would rip it out that first summer but we were still getting used to the house. Then winter came, and I was so glad for that carpeting! I spend most of my time in the kitchen and dining room. My sewing machine is right there by the table and my fabric bins are against the wall, etc.
    It’s so nice to pare back down to just what you want around you. And what your kids need you to have for when they visit!! That is important too!! Let’s see, high chair, crib, bibs, booster seat…

  8. My Dad always said he had no idea how he managed work a full time job as his life was so full and busy once he retired.

  9. Can you come live with me and do my house? I’d help, I just need company and motivation. I’m sure that feels great to get those things out of the house.

    Our kitchen counter was piled high with STUFF. I got that tackled today and although it’s still not perfect, it’s so much better. I should have taken a before picture, but I’d never want to show it to anyone!

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Oh Jo you are really starting something good. I’m getting prepped for a major house cleaning. I have a small place so it won’t take as long. I love my hardwood floors such a snap to keep clean. Thanks for the motivation.

  11. So wonderful to help others while helping yourself achieve your goals!!! Yea for wood floors and clearing space. :-)

  12. maybe because we are not giving it away but i surely wish i had the salemanship you all have when i place ads for 1926 Model T that runs. and has all the difficult things something that aged already done.
    your writings absolutely shine with your happiness with your accomplishments.

  13. I really loved when I could make major changes to my old house and found I like the less is more feeling.
    So proud of you for tackling this by yourself!
    Love and prayers

  14. I agree with Janet R, having someone to work beside you is great motivation. I don’t have enough body upper body strength to move those rugs around like you do. And I would love a leaf out of my dining room table but I can’t do it alone. And I could really relate to your paragraph on making progress. Not one room in my house is completely done, but I have done a variety of things throughout the whole house. I’ve gotten several to do someday items done while still working full-time during this pandemic. I feel like my brain is spining because I walk into a room and think I still have to do this, this, and this in this room and it can be mind-boggling at the end of the day. But then I have to think about all that I have accomplished or just how tired I am after work and that is why nothing got done last night.

  15. Wow, you’re a whirlwind of energy! I have thought about getting rugs to go under my tables to protect the hardwood, but am not really wanting to cover the pretty wood. It’s so much easier to clean up spills and crumbs from the hardwood floor, than try to do the same with a rug. Good move!

    My mom went home to heaven about 2 weeks ago, so I’ve got her stuff scattered here and there as I’m sorting through it all deciding what to get rid of and what to keep. Hard, but needful.

    I do so enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

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