Tackling my Patch Pile

It’s no secret.  I hate patching clothes…but I do it.  I do lots of it.  Typically I don’t do it until there are two things in the pile….
This time, there were four things…and another hit my pile before I was finished.


Hubby had jeans.  Karl had work pants and his coat.  A couple weeks ago I bought Karl a wool coat at a local thrift store.  It was in wonderful condition and exactly what we had been shopping for and couldn’t find.  I couldn’t figure out why someone would not want it.  Then a couple days ago I noticed a 2″ opening in the seam under the arm.  I cannot imagine being so intimidated about needle and thread that I would give clothes away simple because there was a 2″ opening in the seam.  I often find clothes at thrift stores with a hole in the seam….I just smile and take them home and sew it up.

The last thing in my patch pile was Kalissa’s winter coat.  She went sledding with friends and came home with a coat with a HUGE rip.


UGH!  She said, “Don’t worry mom.  I don’t care if my coat is patched.  I had so much fun sledding and it was worth it.”  I didn’t quite know what to do.   How do I path that?!   I ended up putting Steam a Seam 2 on some black fabric.  I put the fabric in the lining of the coat sticky side up.  I laid the outer part of the coat over the sticky side and did a quick zigzag over the top.

It isn’t beautiful but it will be fine until we get another coat.  The Steam a Seam 2 was WONDERFUL.  If you haven’t worked with it, give it a try.  I could move and position the fabric as it was sticky yet it held things in place….the perfect combination.

So now that my patch pile is taken care of, I am back to guilt free sewing….my favorite kind.

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  1. Why is it that people think we don’t mind reapir jobs, just because we sew. They look at us odd when we say, no I do a different kind of sewing……….

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