Ta-Da…Jamestown Landing FINISHED!!

So here it…Jamestown Landing.  I’m adding it to the long list of AMAZING quilts that you can see over at Amy’s Creative Side for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.


I LOVE it.  Months ago when Bonnie Hunter said one of her quilts would be in the Australian Homespun magazine I was really sad thinking I wouldn’t be able to find the magazine…Then I thought oh well.  Then Bonnie showed a picture of the quilt on her blog and I thought..I am going to find the magazine and the mad hunt was on.  I finally found it at Erica’s (Here’s the link, the magazine is still available).  Even though I had many other projects going on, I cut the fabric out and started working on it anyway.  I am so glad I did.   This quilt will also be featured in Bonnie Hunter’s new book due out Summer 2012.


The top has been done for a little while.  I fully intended to complete it…then I got a box of fabric in the mail that was “deadline” sewing.  The whole time while I have been sewing the deadline quilt projects, the Jamestown Landing quilt top has been sitting there tempting me and hurrying me along.  As soon as the first round of deadline sewing was finished, I was hurrying to finish up Jamestown Landing.


I had all sorts of problems with my quilting machine….breaking thread galore.  I was so angry…Hubby (who is in the combine harvesting corn) called and asked how things were going…I hate to tell him anything bad because he’s working and can’t do a thing about it so I said oh, the thread is breaking a little (in actuality it was about the worst ever).  He said we really need to get you a different quilting machine.  I said…no, I am so thankful that I have this even if it doesn’t work all the time.  Then I hung up the phone and felt miserable for lying and miserable that the dumb thing wasn’t working right.

I had tried everything with the machine.  Then I put in a new bobbin and the thing worked!!  I went a whole bobbin and not a single thread broke.   I couldn’t figure out what was different.  Just then hubby came home.  I told him that in the last bobbin, I had no thread breakage….He said mark that bobbin.  He went to take a shower and I went to do another bobbin’s worth of quilting….it worked again.  Today I went back  and finished the quilt…it worked like a dream.  Hubby’s theory is that some bobbins are bad.  I have all the good ones marked.  I will test the theory next time I quilt another quilt.  I swear, every time I think I have something figured out with my quilting machine, I get a new problem.


Back to the quilt….I love it.  I am keeping it and no one is getting it until I die.  I give lots of quilts away for benefits, but this one I am keeping.  I have always wanted a two color quilt and now I have one!  It’s funny that most of the quilts I keep for myself are designed by Bonnie…like last year’s mystery quilt.  I know I’ll be keeping my Perkiomen Daydreams quilt too.

The quilt is 84″ x 97″.  When our daughter, Kelli, saw my finished quilt top, she said she wanted to make one so I passed the magazine on to her.  She’s thinking about a red version and wants to make her’s 97″ x 97″.


I love the back and the headache of piecing it all together was so worth it.  I like have all the mis-match pieces out of my quilt back cupboard.


By the way, no dog was harmed in the photographing of this quilt…in fact, she got treats!  Silly dog.


So salute to you Bonnie Hunter…you designed another beauty!  I’m hooking up with Crazy Mom, Quilt Story and Confession of a Fabric Addict.  Head on over to see what other’s have accomplished.

48 thoughts on “Ta-Da…Jamestown Landing FINISHED!!”

  1. HI Jo! I’ve been following you making this quilt, and I’m so glad to hear you finishes it!! I’m thinking of making one myself. Your quilt look fantastic! Great job!

  2. Amazing quilt, Jo! I love it!! And yes, bobbins do go bad – they get nicks or dings in them that make them not work properly. I have this info direct from my repair shop!!

    Whoop whoop!!!

  3. I agree with Elaine, it’s beautiful. When do you sleep? You seem to have so many things going at once and so many finishes? Give Gracie a kiss. ;-> Toni Anne

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I agree with you about Bonnie’s quilts. I am going to get this magazine and make this one too. I have done the last two mystery quilts with Bonnie and love them both. Especially the last one. Congratulations on a great job. I can see why you are keeping it!

  5. It’s beautiful! Hope the harvest is going well. I’m staying with my parents while my house is being built, and Dad finished up the corn last night. Know what you mean about not bothering them while they’re working in the fields! And hope the bobbin problem is solved!

  6. Teresa in Music City

    That’s so beautiful Jo!!!! Every time I see that quilt I think “gotta get that magazine!” but I never do. Going right now to order it!!!!! Enjoy your new beauty!

  7. Jo, your Jamestown Landing is magnificent!!! And I love the story of your pieced backing, too. As for the quilting it looks really well-quilted in spite of the troubles that you described. I love a densely quilted quilt!

  8. This is a very beautiful quilt Jo! I love these colors together, the blues are not cold thanks to all the warm neutrals you added.
    Machine quilting is sometimes frustrating but finally you managed to make quite a nice one!
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Wow, and I thought Smith Mountain Morning was my favorite Bonnie Quilt, this one is just stunning!!! I think I like it better. You did and incredible job with this one. And thanks for the link. I’m getting a copy myself :)

  10. Your Jamestown Landing is just beautiful. And you tell Gracie she is just a real cutie and any quilt looks better with her sitting on it. :)

    Thread breaking during quilting can be so aggravating. My Gammill Premier doesn’t give me too many problems, mostly it works flawlessly, but on the last quilt I had more thread breakage than usual too. I had wound several different bobbins, so I don’t think it was that, and had only used the needle on one small wall hanging so it wasn’t dull. Slowing down a little helped. I was using a new cone of thread so I was blaming it. You know, higher price…lower quality. Bad bobbins, bad needles, bad thread…it all happens from time to time.

    If DH’s corn yield is really good, and he gets a good price for it, maybe he really will want to get you a different quilting machine. I love my Gammill Premier Plus, I think they call it the Vision now. I chose it partly because of good reviews and partly because there is so much info available on using and maintaining it…way more than I found on any other brand.

  11. Love your quilt. I’ve got the magazine sitting right on my work table waiting. Maybe I should just fit in front of other things. Don’t blame you for keeping that pretty quilt! Your dog is the cutest thing.

  12. So completely awesome. I have one going on in green and now I am hankering to get back to work on it. Hard to go wrong with blue for a two color quilt, it always looks great. Glad you figured out the problem with your machine, having things break always makes us appreciate when they start working again.

  13. Yo did an awesome job Jo!! I want to do Bonnie’s Mystery quilt and I really do like the look of this one as well. So I will put them on my to do list. =)
    Glad you got the machine to work right.

  14. The quilt is just wonderful. I’m glad you are keeping it for yourself. I have been wanting to get that magazine ever since I saw the quilt on Bonnie’s site. Need to get that done.

  15. Your Jamestown Landing is stunning! I’m working on the string blocks, still haven’t decided what color for the stars. And your little dog is delightful! As for your daughter’s choice, I made a Blue Ridge Beauty with reds and neutrals, and I LOVE IT. She will be glad she chose red!

  16. Bad Bobbins can indeed occur. I found that out with the Pfaff that I use for 99% of my piecing/sewing/quilting. I learned to pitch out the bad ones because they will not improve!

    Your JL quilt is lovely. I’ve got the pattern filed away in my “Bonnie-Book.”

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  18. Once in a while when I drop a bobbin I step on it. Warps it a bit and then they won’t work. Toss it. I have had the same problem when I used plastic bobbins in my piecing machine. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t! New bobbins are easier than the frustration factor!

  19. I adore scrappy quilts. I love the design. And, those are my favorite colors. If I had a quilt like that, my dog would never be allowed on it. (of course, she is a lot bigger than that one)!

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