T-shirts Anyone??

You might remember a bit ago that I told you that Kalissa had T-shirts printed and that she was selling them like gang busters….These ones??

At the time, she had tried to talk me into designing T-shirts and selling them on the blog.

I poo-poo-ed that idea.  I have enough going on.

Then Sunday she talked me into it.  So we took a detour and went her T-shirt lady.  These are the quilting related shirts that we came up with and will have for sale at the quilt retreat…..Each will only be available in the color of shirt that it’s seen on.  It’s less headache for me that way.

This is “sew on and sew forth”….

This next one I really love.  The design and placement took a little longer….”My soul is fed by needle & thread”..I think my fave.

This one… well it’s for the snarky in you, “Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin'”.

Very last minute I came up with two others that we didn’t get the designs put on shirts….What do you think of this one??This will likely be on a heather red.  “I love to Quilt.  I love to SEW tiny stitches row by row.”

….and the last one from treadlers…  “Put the treadle to the the metal”.  This one will be on a soft heather green shirt.  Don’t think GREEN think a mossy green.

So that’s what I was doing when I was suppose to be quilting that quilt on Sunday…and I’m SUPER excited about them.  These are so fun and I can’t wait to be wearing them.  My wardrobe is in need of an up do!!  Really in need.  I wear T-shirts most of the time for childcare so if shirts sell, I’ll have a complete wardrobe.

The plan is if we get enough interest, I’ll put a store on the blog and we’ll put the T-shirts in the store and sell them.  What do you think of that??  What’s your favorite??

33 thoughts on “T-shirts Anyone??”

  1. I DEFINITELY would order two shirts right away!!!! Sew On for myself and Soul for my Bestie!! Just let us know, we’ll be ready!

  2. I really like “My soul is fed by needle & thread”! What brand are the T-shirts? It would be helpful to know for sizing as some fit more boxy and others run more slim.

  3. Catchy sayings! Hope you have plenty made up in XL & XXL or even XXXL, depending on the t-shirt brand sizing, since plenty of ladies need those sizes.

  4. I really like all of them, but torn between “Sew on” and “my soul is fed..”. I think they would be popular.

  5. YES!! I love the Vintage Soul the best! Are they 100% Cotton?? Need at least a XXL.
    They would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

  6. Love the idea, but agree it would be great to have a lower neck option as high necks don’t suit a larger bust.

  7. Id love 1 of each, please say you will ship international. Theres nothing like this available in Australia

  8. Hi Jo!
    I would love to have a couple of these sewing T Shirts. This is the kind of stuff I wear when i got to quilting retreat. I hope you will put them in your blog store. Thanks!

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