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A post from Kelli–

Ever heard of a ganglion cyst?  A bible bump?  I hadn’t….until I got one.

For quite about the last year or so, I’ve had this strange lump of sorts on my right inner ankle.  In the beginning, I could tie increased pain and swelling to a specific pair of shoes, so I threw them away.  Afterwards, it didn’t seem to hurt so much, so I didn’t really pay much attention to it until one day I was putting on some lotion and realized that I had a lump on my inner ankle/foot.  When previously glancing at it, I assumed that it was my ankle bone, but on further examination, I realized that it wasn’t.

See what I mean?

I did a little bit of “quality” internet research assisted by google and tried a few different things, but since it wasn’t painful at the time, I didn’t really do anything about it.

In the past few months however, it has started being more painful.  It almost feels like a stretching, burning pain over my inner ankle.  I had a few other procedures and appointments this spring so I figured that I could try to get into the podiatrist.  It turns out that they were booking appointments out pretty far, so the soonest that I could get in was last Tuesday.  I figures they could probably do an aspiration in the clinic or something, but figured that it was really not too big of a deal.  And it had been getting smaller too, so I almost just cancelled the appointment.

Once I got there, it turns out that the Dr. thought it was a ganglion cyst, which they typically recommend be removed surgically as there is a high rate of recurrence with aspiration.  He said that it would be a short time period off of work, but wanted to get an MRI before they would remove it to make sure that it wasn’t wrapped into anything further in the foot.  He did say that it likely wouldn’t just go away and would probably continue to grow and with so many nerves, vessels, and bones in there, the pain likely wouldn’t get better on its own.

I ended up beinga ble to get my MRI scheduled last Friday and had a follow up yesterday after an appointment in the morning.  We decided that it would be best to have it surgically removed.  I was also lucky enough that I’ll be able to schedule it for the 23rd of May.  By the time my MRI and some other things I’ve had done are all added to my bill, I’m sure I’ll have met the out of pocket max for this year, so I figured I better get all I can done–So it’s coming out in 2 weeks!

See that shadowy bit to the left, that’s the cyst.  From what he explained to me, he’ll cut it out and then I’ll be in a boot for 2 weeks.  I’m supposed to somewhat limit my activity, so I’ll take 2 weeks off from the hospital and work some extra hours at the nursing home in the office.  I’ll go back after 10 days to have the stitches removed and then I’ll be able to return to work with only needing to wear compression hose, which I already wear.

I called to tell mom about it and she volunteered to take the day off of work and have a “mom the nurse” day with me.  I called to tell Jason that and he was pretty excited as he has tons of field work to do.  It turns out that he’ll take me up there in the morning and then after I’m done with surgery, he’ll go back home to put on his work boots and I’ll go to moms for a stitching and Netflix party!  It’s not that he doesn’t want to be home to help (although I’m sure that he doesn’t), I would just hate to make him have to stay in the house when he could be working in the field.  I’m sure that I’ll get things rigged up so that I’ll be able to sew some too!

So–Have any of you had this done before?  They said that I’ll be able to be weight bearing immediately after surgery and that I won’t need to use crutches.  He said that a few days of pain pills should be all that I’ll need, so I’m happy for that too!  Any advice? Share away!  I’m hoping to get a few things kitted up so that I can make the most of the time that I’ll have off!

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  1. My short story is, yes, I know what a ganglion cyst is and have had one removed from my finger. I would never do it again and do not recommend it to anyone on their finger. My finger is now crooked and it gets worse every year, pulling to the side. The doctor warned me that that was a very minor possibility. And he’s no longer in town so I can’t go back and say yeah, I’m one of the 1% that had it occur. I’ve had cysts on other fingers and I have found that if I rub them while applying pressure when watching TV or waiting at an appointment or at meetings that they will go away over time. I have one that is affecting my nail bed but I am not having surgery to remove it.

  2. I had what I thought was a bunion and yes I do have a small bunion (too small to concern the podiatrist) under a ganglion cyst. I had it removed under local anesthetic at the local hospital in January. Dissolvable stitches and just told to keep it dry and clean for a few days. It still hurts like heck… the nerve endings just make my foot jump every once in a while and certain shoes are very uncomfortable.

  3. Carolyn in Texas

    After a surgery much different than you will have my dr was extremely pleased and said, “You must have followed my directions to a T as you have healed beautifully”. Yes, if I am going to trust the dr to do his best then I must do my best to follow those instructions. It paid off as I went back to work without any problems.

  4. I had two in my ankle joint removed two years ago, but I also had ligament repair with it…I can say I would do it again if needed because the pain disappeared completely!! I also just developed one on a tendon in my hand, it was very fast growing and burst on its own after 4 days, but I’m sure it will reappear at some point.
    Follow the drs orders and relax!!

  5. Yes, I had one on my finger. Removed with surgery. Seem like a lot of fuss for such a small thing. I couldn’t drive and was off work. They explained it was a because they go to or into the bone.

  6. They call it a “bible bump” because if you hit it with a Bible (or other heavy book) it will burst. Recommended only when small.

  7. I had one on my wrist many years ago. My doctor said I had 3 choices – leave it alone and hope it goes away, have it removed, or he laughingly said he could do what they used to do in the ‘olden days’ … give it a good whack with a stack of books (that’s probably the Bible reference you mentioned). I decided to leave it for awhile. I worked in an office, and occasionally I would accidentally whack it on the corner of a desk when I was walking past. It would disappear for several months, then come back. I guess it really didn’t like that kind of treatment, because after about the 3rd time it never did come back. Not suggesting you should start kicking desks, LOL, just a funny related story. Good luck with your outcome!

  8. Marsha from Delaware, USA

    Yes, heard of and had one removed from my right wrist joint many years ago by an orthopedic specialist. I was in a half trouth splint for 5 weeks that was removable so I could exercise my wrist 2 weeks after surgery. However, even with exercise my wrist froze and then I needed rehab therapy and deep tissue massage to get normal complete movement of the wrist.

    The ganglion cyst will grow down into and wrap around a joint, mine had invaded the joint very deeply and he gave me about a 90% chance it wouldn’t grow back. 30+ years and I am still cyst free!

    Being that I am right handed, and a secretary/typist at the time, I was out of work for a good six weeks. Not all that painful after surgery, I guess because it was a relief from the presurgery pain.

    Everyone handles surgery differently, it is good to get it taken care of earlier then later so it doesn’t go deep into joint. Follow Doctor’s orders and you will be fine. Enjoy your rehab.

  9. I had one on the middle knuckle of my right pointer finger. I kept pushing against it, even pressing it against a table. Over a short time it seemed to move off the joint and eventually disappeared. It hasn’t come back.

    Because the foot bears your weight where a finger doesn’t, I’m sure it’ll require more attention to ease the pain. Good luck, hope you’re back to normal soon!

    I always want my Mama when I’m sick or laid up…altho my husband would help…he has to be told every little thing…where Mama just knows! haha!

  10. I had one removed from one of the fingers on my right hand and from my left wrist at the same time. Was only out of commission for a few days though kept the wrist in an elastic support for a few weeks. The one in the wrist came back and was removed a second time and has never returned. I have by accident hit the cyst while working and while not pleasant at the time it would go away for a few weeks. Good luck with your surgery.

  11. Rhonda Russell

    I’ve never had one removed but I would get one on my wrist during volleyball season in high school. As soon as the season was over, it would go away. I’ve been out of high school for going on 30 years and it has never recurred. I hope your surgery goes well.

  12. Elaine, Ontario, Canada

    I had one on my right hand. Use to bother me a lot. It would catch in the joint in the centre of my hand. It also was very noticeable. Had surgery to remove it. Not much pain. Just annoying because I could not use my hand for two weeks due to the bandage.

    You are very lucky to be able to get the MRI and surgery so quick. Here in Ontario, Canada there is a wait time of several months for a MRI and then several more months for the surgery. Only advantage is that we don’t have to pay for the MRI or the surgery.

    Hope all goes well.

  13. I had one on the top of my foot aspirated a few years back. No fuss at all. Doctor said it would probably come back, but it never did. Surprised your doctor didn’t suggest at least trying aspiration, but I understand about the deductible thing. Hope everything goes well for you.

  14. I had one on my left wrist about 26+ years ago. The doctor aspirated it and it never came back. I hope everything goes well with your ankle.

  15. I had one on my wrist when I was a teen. At first they tried to treat it with a cortisone shot which didn’t do anything except hurt. Eventually, it started putting pressure on a nerve that irritated one of my fingers and sometimes caused numbness. Surgery done the day after Thanksgiving and I was able to go back to school (college) on Monday. Eventually, the cyst came back, but it only bothers me when I put excessive strain on it for several days. Otherwise, you can see it, but I don’t feel it and it doesn’t really limit my activity at all. Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  16. Yes I am old and I had one located on the top of my left wrist on the left side (like a second bump there). Dr tried a needle aspiration failed then in office surgery. Bandaged and back to work the next day sample to the lab and stitches out later no problems. This was 30 plus years ago.
    no scar shows after all these years

    If I were you I would get it removed as it has caused you pain and discomfort, it’s your body you get to make the decision.

    Being a nurse you will be a poor patient remember to elevate, take pain medication ahead of the pain rather than “chasing” the pain
    Keep clean watch for infection
    Once you figure out what works for you enjoy your “free” time

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