T minus 0 Days! It’s Surgery Day!

A post from Kelli–

As many of you know, today is my surgery day!  I’m writing this on Tuesday, but I have a bit of a funny story to share related to my surgery.

I’ve always had a job.  I got my first paper route in 3rd grade along with my own checkbook.  From then on, I’ve always had atleast one job….if not 3 or more!  I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever had an extended period of time off.  I didn’t work for about a year when I was in nursing school, but had plenty enough to keep me busy.

When I met with my surgeon, he said that I’ll need to take 2 weeks off from vigorous activity…AKA work.  Now two weeks with no activities seems like quite a long time and that’s what I had originally thought…

I had decided that I’d probably need to get a few things in order to work on that could be sitting projects.  I had my cross stitch of course, but go things together so I could work on this rug–

Or even patching those pants if I got desparate!

I figured I could sort out my embroidery floss–

Or I could start cutting apart these shirts I bought at the bag sale recently–

But then I accepted a part time-ish add-on position at the nursing home doing some office work (You can officially call me the Antibiotic Stewarship Officer if you want).  I’ll be doing that a few days that I’m off.  I also have a couple meetings at the nursing home.  I was also talking to Kalissa and she’s going to be doing a few junking shows–Country Chrome this coming weekend and they’ll have Barnyard BBQ there and Sassy Sows, so goodness knows I’ll be there….and she’ll be doing White Barns by Hawkeye the first weekend in June.  I’ve designated myself as the “sitter to watch the things” and “money handler” to help her out since I won’t be able to help unload and load.

I sat down to look at my schedule and I think that I’ll have something to do most days–So my dream of finishing my alphabet sampler can probably start flying out the window now!  I am lucky though that if surgery doesn’t go as easy as I’m hoping it does, I have some flexibility to change things if needed.  And if I get bored, I can always nap with Puppycat–I’m sure she’ll be up for a few snuggles!


4 thoughts on “T minus 0 Days! It’s Surgery Day!”

  1. Saw this late in the day. I suppose your surgery is over. I know you’re well on your way to recovery and I hope you’re not too uncomfortable. As far as the time off, I hope you get lots of naps with Puppycat. You deserve to take it easy cause you’ve been soooo busy.

  2. Hope it went well today! Your two week schedule of “no vigorous work” sounds sooo busy! Ha! Remember to rest, it’s important.

  3. I think that PattiLynn and Roxanne pretty much covered it, but did note that each said ” to take it easy and remember to rest,” so I wanted to highlight that important part too!

  4. Hope your surgery went well! Take it easy and do rest! Sounds like fun hanging out at the antique shows and taking money; maybe do some shopping too!!

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