Sweet Potato Plants

Every year I try something new in the garden.  Last year was okra….the year before, rutabagas.  This year it’s going to be Sweet Potatoes.


I know nothing about growing sweet potatoes.  I know I love eating them….just nothing about growing them.  I’ll take any advice you all can give me…please?!

The lady who worked at the greenhouse said to mound up the dirt and plant them in the mounded dirt.

Does anyone know if they produce many sweet potatoes?  How do I know when they are mature?  Any other info would be great.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Plants”

  1. Oh my goodness- did you ask the right person!! I was intrigued to see 9 packs of sweet potato slips in Home Depot last year and couldn’t resist! I bought 1 pack.
    Planted them in my raised bed veggie garden and waited. Didn’t mound them at all, just waited. The vines took over the world like a ground cover and in the fall (October), I took a pitchfork to see if I had anything! Imagine our delight when we harvested about 25 pounds of beautiful sweet potatoes! Everywhere the vines went, they grew potatoes below! Can’t wait to put them in again this year! Still a little too early here in Ohio.

  2. We call them Kumera, here in New Zealand, that is the Moari name for them….I love them, soooo yummy.I have never grown them.Sounds like Pat has given you some good advice.

  3. Pat described them well. Make LOTS-LOTS-LOTS of room for them because they will take over. Mine liked water too..heck everything in the garden likes water, but we ate sweet potatoes from November up until February.

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