Swedish Crustless Apple Pie

I stumbled upon this recipe and just had to try it….


I am a sucker to try anything that says Swedish in the name.  I am a sucker for any recipe that gives me a little more time and trust me, this crustless pie was much quicker than the real deal.

We didn’t have apples this year on our tree as we had a late frost and then no rain.  I’ve had to resort to purchasing them at the grocery store.  You can find the recipe for the Swedish Crustless Apple Pie here.   It was a good a recipe that I will be making again.

8 thoughts on “Swedish Crustless Apple Pie”

  1. Super! Looks delish and I can’t wait to try it. If it wasn’t so late I would hop in the car and go buy some apples. lol. I like anything with “Swedish” as part of the title. My Mother’s family comes from Sweden. You’ve made my day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Since I am Swedish and have lots of apples sitting outside waiting to be cooked I guess I have to try this recipe today. Do you have Swedish ancestry? Comments like yours always makes me curious. Then again there are more Swedish descendants living in the US than there are Swedes here. We are very few… but a lot of us quilts! I enjoy reading about your daily life. Thanks for sharing.
    Louise in Sweden

  3. Elizabeth McDonald

    We love Swedish pie! (My daughter lives in Sweden, and we all make the recipe!) We have found that you can also make this with any canned fruit, so it is a wonderful recipe for spur-of-the-moment desserts!

  4. Daisy Christopherson

    Your tutorial for the Disappearing 9 patch would not come up when I got me e-mail from you this afternoon and I can’t find it here either. I would like very much to see it if you could put it up again that would be great. Daisy

  5. I’ve tried this recipe before and it’s marvelous. Great for me because we do have an apple tree, but I hate making crust!

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  7. I just made this today, and it is wonderful! This just might be my new ‘go-to’ apple recipe! I have some mixed berries in the freezer I need to use, so I think it will try it with berries next. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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