For all you “crumbers”  I just added a new page (find it on the left hand column) that has all the “crumb along with me” quilt information in one spot for quick reference.

Now onto today’s post…

I broke down and did it.  I swapped fabric with Shelly.  Can you guess which pile I gave and which pile I recieved?



I sent the dark prints and got the bright prints.  I had lamented on my facebook page that I wanted to make a Lego quilt like this one Tonya’s making…but my stash and scraps just wouldn’t allow it.  My scraps are mostly Civil War reproductions….I wanted a quilt that was fun and lively.  That wouldn’t work with my scraps.

Shortly after I wrote that on facebook, there was a note in my in box, asking if I’d want to swap fabric.  It was a weak moment for me and I said sure.  Normally I NEVER do anything like this.  I am always afraid that I would be deficient at it…(you know the worry… if I sent enough fabric…the wonder if I sent the right fabric)  Typically I don’t do these things because the worry is just is too much for me.

Yesterday I got this wonderful bright fabric  package and before I “petted” one piece of the great fun brights that Shelly sent, I immediately filled the box with my darks and sealed the box.  I didn’t want to worry or fret about what to include so I filled the box before I had time to fret.

Then I saw this awesome quilt from Colorado Lady… How awesome is that?!?!  Now I am going to have to make some type of choice on which quilt I am going to tackle.  Not having brights to play with my darks is no longer an excuse.

5 thoughts on “Swapping….”

  1. Good for you for making the leap…I also am a dark colored print person and recently have been doing some really bright and fun prints. Those get the most comments. once they are together they really do look great. Have fun!!

  2. Oh, Jo, I’d love to send you some brights too!! I have lots left from the fabrics bloggers sent me from All over the world (literally) for my quilt! Would be glad to share!! Thanks for the shout out on my quilt!! I am so proud of how it turned out…now just to finish the back and get it quilted!!

  3. Just a short note…no fret necessary!! I LOVE all kinds of fabric and I LOVE a big variety… I also have half a dozen projects going at once…I had fun sharing with you and I am having fun working on the crumb quilt.

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