Surgery Update

Kayla came home today and took me in for my surgery on my foot.  It was nice having her around to chauffeur me.  I was in the hospital at 7:30 and out again around 11:00.

Just as we were leaving town Kalissa called.  Carver was sick again and we needed to pick up meds.  So off to pick them up and deliver them….that left me with a little bit of Grammie time.


I had my foot up and resting….

Carver’s been a little under the weather.  He saw a doctor on Thursday and has progressively gotten worse.  It sounds like our little buddy is moving on to a pediatric allergy specialist.  If he gets a cold in no time he’s coughing and hacking and can’t catch his breath.  He’s so hard to take to the doctor though as through it all he’s still happy and giggling.

I’m home with my foot up…pain meds are on board and I’m hoping to catch a little cross stitch time.

For now, I’m all good and looking forward to some healing days so I can get out and enjoy some sun and feel a little more mobile.  Thanks for all the good wishes you’ve sent my way.

8 thoughts on “Surgery Update”

  1. You know my daughter says it all follows RSV. Her two boys both got RSV when they were little and still developes croup whenever they get a cold. The oldest one is now 5 and still is bothered at least once during the winter cold season. The youngest is just 7 months, but she knows what to expect. Hope she gets it under control. Deb

  2. Glad you got your surgery done and its nice to have family able to be there for you. Hope Carver is feeling better soon.

  3. So glad your foot surgery is behind you! Let’s hope the recovery goes smoothly and quickly!

    Carver is such a little doll. Let’s hope he is soon on the mend. It is so harshening little ones are sick!

  4. I am glad to learn the surgery is behind you…..Take care and enjoy a week-end of rest…Hope little Carver is on the mend too….

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