Surgery Day

Today is surgery day for me….as you are reading this I am at the hospital or on my way soon.  If you haven’t been following the blog, I am having my thyroid removed.  After finding large nodules on my thyroid, testing them and not getting clear results I’ve opted to have it removed rather than deal with bi-annual testing and procedures.

(I went to find an online image to pop in here so googled thyroid removal not thinking….Let’s just say I shouldn’t have looked at those images.  I didn’t think you wanted to either so instead I typed in the hospital and got that image instead…much better right?)

Anyway, this is where I am…I feel really comfortable here.  With our location we have the options of going to several different large hospitals…Covenant or Allan in Waterloo are both closer.  Mayo in Rochester is well, MAYO CLINIC…but we opt to go to Lacrosse.  We have loved it here.

We have gotten very good care.  The staff have all been very personable and helpful.

We love that the town is much easier to drive in than the other options.  Parking at Mayo is always a pain…here, it’s a breeze and best yet, there is no charge.

We’re happy here and feel very confident with our decision to come here again.  All the other times it’s been for Hubby and I’ve done time in the waiting room.  This time, we’re taking opposite rolls.  I guess that we’re covering the “sickness and health” aspect of our wedding vows.

I have a couple blog posts scheduled for the next couple of days but I promise either Kelli or I…or maybe even Kayla will pop in and let you know how I’m doing tomorrow.

Thanks for all the notes, well wishes and prayers being sent my way.  I’m hoping for a speedy recovery from the surgery and a quick adjustment to the meds.

48 thoughts on “Surgery Day”

  1. We’ve always done our “big doctoring” at Gundersen in LaCrosse too. They are great! Sending good thoughts your way :)

  2. Mt mom’s been on Synthroid since before I was born, and I’m five years older than you! I doubt you’ll have any trouble in that area. Good luck and blessings.

  3. Sending well wishes and good thoughts your way. You’re so lucky to have so many options for hospitals. In our area, we have ONE and it’s not a great one.

  4. Sending thoughts and prayers for surgery success and a quick recovery. You are far too busy to stay down very long but enjoy the rest as well.

  5. Jo
    I have had my thyroid removed… 3 biopsies.. no clear results either.. my results was cancer ..but they caught it quick enough.. sometimes my medicine needs adjustment but I am glad that I did what I did.. my prayers are with you … God Bless ..
    Vicki C.

  6. Take your time in recovery! You are always so busy but it is important to let your body heal. Prayers lifted up for you and your supporters. You have a virtual support system in your followers. If you need anything, just have one of the kids give a shout out!

  7. You have been in my prayers and near my heart today as always. Your kindness touches so many people throughout each day and we are all blessed to know you personally or just through the blog. Get well soon and do what the dr says.

  8. Wow, what a coincidence, you are in Lacrosse, Wi., my hometown. Here I am in Texas and have just finished my quilt which is one of yours, Chain of Faith Quilt (Moda Bake Shop). I could not get the same fabric so I choseModa Bon Voyage by French General as the Jelly rolls and Villette Red Rouge for cornerstones, binding and border. For the backing I used Prairie Vine Tan from
    Gunderson is the best, so I know you are doing well.

    Carolyn Caflisch

  9. had my tonsils removed here…..oh about 52 years ago…HA! It was great then, I am sure it is great now. speedy recovery….

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