Surgery Day

Today is surgery day for Hubby.  As you read this I’m likely in the waiting room…stitching…wasting time on my phone or chatting with the kids.

For those of you who don’t know, on January 24th we found out that my Hubby has lung cancer.  Over the course of these days, we’ve found out that it is staged at 3A.  It’s located in two of the lung sections on the right side.

The doctor has talked to us a lot.  He has the hope that he can take out the two sections and that’s it BUT there is a lymph node that is involved right near the tumor.  So to remove it, the upper section of the right lung might need to be removed so that means he would be completely without a right lung.  The doctor also suggested that he may go in, see that it’s to dangerous and might just sew him back up.

So, as I wait, all those things are running through my mind.

The technical name for his procedure is a thoracotomy.

This is an excerpt from the booklet we got on it.

I’m trying to remind myself of these notes too….
Our whole family is ever so grateful to everyone who has been so kind and supportive through this all.  Everyone asks “is there anything I can do?”.  To be honest, we don’t even know what we need.  We do know one thing though….

If you have a loved one who is a smoker and has been a smoker for awhile, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, encourage them to request a Chest CT scan.  Having one done is no harder than having an x-ray.  A patient has every right to ask a doctor that one be done.  In most cases, insurance will cover it.  Can you believe that the scan is all that is needed to detect lung cancer?  We were told that doctors are just starting to have a chest CT scan done as part of a physical for long time smokers.  All haven’t adopted it yet so REQUEST one if your doctor doesn’t automatically do it.

Please note…Roger thought nothing was different.  In retrospect he admits to feeling tired and having shortness of breath but he also has COPD..and is 57 years old and didn’t know if this was part of aging.

Here are the symptoms….

  • cough that does not go away or gets worse.
  • Coughing up blood or rust-colored sputum (spit or phlegm)
  • Chest pain that is often worse with deep breathing, coughing, or laughing.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Feeling tired or weak.

Roger only had two symptoms and didn’t even realize it.  Too many people think that coughing up bloody phlegm is the only symptom.  It is not.

Please-Please.  If there is smoker in your life.  Request the test.

Roger has since quit smoking.  It’s been hard but necessary.  I’ve got a few other people in my life that I’m having a talk with too….

I’ll report back in when I know something more.  I will likely do a big post in the morning and a Facebook update sometime today.

Thanks so much for the prayers and well wishes.  They are so appreciated.

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  1. I will pray too, Jo. Praying for wisdom, guidance, and a steady hand for his doctors, nurses, technicians involved in his surgery and care. Safety and peace for each of you as you travel to and from the hospital. Take care of yourself. Eat good meals. Sleep the best you can. He will be home soon to warm your side of the bed again.
    My husband smoked for, gosh, maybe 30 years. Seventeen years ago he got a virus (cmv) that put him in the hospital for two weeks. You can’t smoke when confined to a hospital bed, thus he quit smoking. I am convinced a good bit of his physical discomfort while hospitalized was due to nicotine withdrawal. Great accomplishment for Roger to quit before surgery. That is hard.
    Love to you and your family.

  2. You’re in our thoughts and prayers today. Hopefully Roger will have the best possible outcome. Take care of yourself as Sally suggested.

  3. All your readers/family/friends are with you and hope for the best. I am the wife of a life long smoker who won’t quit even when his own mother got lung cancer from smoking also. She quit and lived many years longer than we would have had her but had to have a procedure also. So much more is known/done now and we all hope for the best. Nobody can smoke in my house. Have to do it outside..but still I worry. Best wishes to all your family because we all share the good and the bad in life.

  4. Praying for you today Jo! My husband had cancer and I know the worry and fear that you are experiencing right now. Hang in there, get him home and just be by his side.

  5. Thinking of you all as you go through today, prayers for a good outcome for Roger and yes a CT scan is a much for anyone who smokes.

  6. Hugs and prayers for you, Jo, Roger, and your family to be strong and to know all of you will be on our minds today. Glad to hear Roger has quit smoking. The second hand smoke affects others as well. Be strong and all the caring hearts will help you get through this rough time.

  7. Thinking of you as you are truing to keep busy while worrying and waiting! Such a hard place! Sometimes there is another lonely worried person that will visit and pass the time. You have a wonderful support group . There is a sign at St.Mary’s Hospital in Rochester that says “there are more prayers in a hospital than anywhere else”.

  8. Praying for Roger, you and the kids. I had lung cancer at age 49 (22years ago), but it was caught early. I was never a smoker, but had parents who were heavy smokers and worked in an office with a heavy smoker back in the day when you could smoke in the office. The doctors think that this was part of the cause of my cancer, so please encourage those you know to stop smoking to protect those they love!

  9. Thinking of you today. Take of you while you are waiting also. Drink some water/coffee/soda, walk around, have a snack. Hugs

  10. Prayers for the both of you. I’ve sat for hours while my husband had cancer surgery in the past. I listened to music on my phone for hours. The surgery turned out well although he still is dealing with two types of cancer. It’s a tough road. Prayers that the doctors get it all out and that’s the end of your cancer story.

  11. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jo, please take care of yourself. Roger is being taken care of so it’s you the other half that needs family and friends to gather round and make sure you are okay. Hugs and lots of prayers coming your way.

  12. I was wondering what was going on in your recent posts and somehow missed the one where your hubby’s condition was mentioned. I am so sorry for your family. Thank God for great surgeons, nurses and family to help you through these times. Prayers of well being for you and your family. mary

  13. Praying for you both today, Jo. That wait in the waiting room is very hard. Been there, done that. Be good to yourself, and take care of each other. Wishing you both all the best.

  14. Prayers go out to your husband, you and your family. I have sat thru surgeries on my husband before and it is not easy — but I do know that prayer does help — and lots of handiwork to pass the time. Hugs

  15. It’s so like you to show your concern for others by giving out your public service announcement encouraging smokers to get a CT scan. With all your current concerns, you’re still thinking of everyone else. I’m glad so many of us in the blog are upholding you and your family in prayer

  16. From afar, I am sending you best wishes for an excellent outcome. You are holding it together well. Keep breathing!!

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