Surgery Day

Today is surgery day.  As you read this I am likely getting to the hospital, under the knife, or trying to wake up so I can head back home.  I’m so glad this is an out patient surgery.  It’s great knowing that my own bed is my goal of the day.

My goal…in six to eight weeks…I’ll have some happy feet…and to not drive my family crazy in the process…I’m a little scared I might.

I was in on Tuesday for my pre-op appointment.

I had some questions but not too many.  One thing that I definitely wanted to know about was bathing.  The pamphlet that came in the mail that I was supposed to read before my appointment said no showers.  Hmmm…baths I hope.

Here’s some of the things I found out….

-Yes I can shower and bathe however I want…as long as I keep it all dry.
-I’ll start out with a splint for a week and then move on to a cast next week.
-I can drive once I’ve weaned myself off pain meds.
-Insurance will pay for a knee scooter.  YAHOO!!
-Surgery will take about 2 hours or so.  Recovery and all will, of course, take longer.
-I’ll have dissolving stitches so no need to worry about them.
-It’s all okay to start childcare as long as I’m careful…I will be.
-I am the second one up for surgery.  Mine is scheduled for 9am.
-I should be home again by about 3 in the afternoon.
-Only once has it not “worked” in all the time he’s done this and the patient admitted to not following instructions and walking on it.

I am getting so excited at the prospect of being about to walk again without pain.  I know there’s no guarantee but I have hope….hope is good.

You won’t hear from me today…Kelli will likely pop in tomorrow morning and let you know how I’m doing.  I really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you all have been sending my way.  You guys are a great bunch of friends.

…see you on the other side of anesthesia.

20 thoughts on “Surgery Day”

  1. Sending prayers your way today. I know you’ll be happy to have the surgery behind you and be well on the way to healing and pain free walking.

  2. I’ll be thinking of you today and probably humming “Happy Feet” music since that popped into my mind reading your post. May all go well and the results worth the effort.

  3. Good luck – keep us posted on your recovery. You’ll be home before I can get to Gundersen with a care package. I will have to pop something in the mail. Keepin my fingers and toes crossed for you! :>)

  4. Sending prayers and healing thoughts. Get a Shower Bag for leg cast. They are great. $15 At drug store or Walmart. They have a “O” ring to keep out water. Shower normal, dry off, then use a hand towel to dry the bag and around “O” ring. I had one for arm cast.

  5. Sorry I’m late with these good wishes but have been having some problems myself with an abscess under one of my teeth then needing to have an extraction. Anyway, by now you are through your surgery and I am sure all will have gone well so good luck my friend with a speedy recovery. My prayers are with you.

  6. Hi there, Jo;

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know you are are wonderful patient. We all look forward to hearing from you when you are better!

    Take care

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