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A guest post from Kayla…

Good morning! We interrupt your regular schedule of morning and evening blog posts for this important message!

I (Kayla) am mom’s technical help for the blog which gives me the login information for hacking. (Wink!)

Mom has been battling thyroid cancer since 2015. She has recently learned that the thyroid cancer has metastasized and is now growing in her lung (Read her latest update here). She will spend most of January going through treatments, driving to Mayo clinic in Rochester, and having to take lots of time off of work. 

Mom has met so many amazing people through blogging for the last decade and folks have been reaching out asking how to support her during her upcoming treatment. 

We invite you to send her a card of encouragement. It was so amazing when Dad was sick to see those physical reminders of love and prayers from people around the world. Blogging is weird in that you share connections with people you’ve never met. A card would mean so much and helps her readers “come to life.”

Here is her address:

Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

If you are considering sending a gift card for gas, she has access to Casey’s and Kwik Star/Kwik Trip here in Iowa and Minnesota.

Folks have asked about a Go Fund Me page to support expenses related to treatment. Fortunately, Mom has tools related to her blogging that allow her to easily accept donations without those high fees. You can donate through PayPal here or Venmo @Jeanne-Kramer-11

Thank you so much for your continued support of Mom and our family. We feel so loved by you all.

13 thoughts on “Support for Mom”

  1. Kayla,
    Thanks for the reminder about how real cards are a little gift one can pick up and enjoy again and again on hard days, especially in isolation. And PayPal was already on my radar. Jo’s brought a lot of enjoyment to so many of us. Our turn to give back.

  2. Thank you Kayla for this information. Your mom is an inspiration to all of us. She has shown us how to renovate your dream home by using sweat equity and therefore saving so much money. How to be a farmer’s wife and accept the life style of the farm. How to manage childcare and family. How to survive after losing you partner. How to manage life through cancer and not let it be all consuming. Thru all of this she taught us to be giving and loving of others. Prayers that God blessed your mom richly and all that she holds dear.

  3. Jeanne T McArdle

    Dear Kayla,
    If I remember right on mom’s blog she mentioned doing things with John Deere fabric, I made queen size pillowcases out of that line. Do you think it would be okay to send to mom.
    I would luv to send them.
    Please text
    Jeanne McArdle
    Tucson, Az

    1. As you wait for family to reply, I would say yes. In the past I would make pillowcases for cancer patients. Those people really enjoyed them. Send to her. If does not want them, she will pass them onto someone else. :-)

      1. Jeanne T McArdle

        Dear Sewhappy,
        Thank you for the note. You are right, if not needed,Jo can pass them on.
        I will send them.
        Jeanne McArdle

  4. Thank you for letting us know how we can assist in lending a hand to your mom. Jo has touched so many of us through her blogging.

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