Supper with the Hankens

Someone asked me how can you think up all the things I write about.  They say, if I was writing a blog there is no way I could think of all of the things.  Well, the answer is, I get help.  My kids are great about allowing me to share things about them.  They often supply the pictures and ideas for a blog post.

I have great kids and I love them so much.  We’re not an affectionate family but simply by the things they do, I know they love me lots and I am so grateful.

Out of the blue Kelli sent some pictures and some recipes…

She was busy being the mom and wife and didn’t leave out her chance to be a good daughter to me and friend to you all of you.  She took pictures of what she’s cooking and shared them with me so I could share them with you…

Here is what’s for supper…

Left to right bread pudding.  That’s my recipe (actually Grandma Kramer’s) and you can find it HERE on the blog.

The middle is Pork Roast from the Instant Pot.

On the right is Corn Mac.  Kelli used up all of her eggs making the bread pudding so she opted to make Corn Mac instead of the Scalloped Corn which is also a popular dish at her house and what she originally intended to make before she realized she used up all of the eggs.

Here is how it looked fresh out of the oven.  Kelli said it is really good.

While it was all cooking Kelli loaded everyone up and got them out of the house to check on the cows.

Here is Georgie pulling her puppy that she insisted get a walk too…

Here are the boys.  It’s Emmett on the left and Eli on the right.  It’s been a bit since I’ve shared pictures of them.  They are getting more filled out and bigger all the time.  Kelli just switched them out into 3-6 month clothes.

They are really good and have been sleeping through the night for a couple of months.  Eli has a bit of a cough that Kelli has been keeping an eye on.  All in they are smaller than most kids their age but that’s okay.  They are rolling and moving around just like they are supposed to be.  They are a handful but Kelli does such a great job.  Everyone in the family readily agrees that if anyone could handle twins, it would be Kelli.  She has more patience with kids than the rest of us.

That’s what’s new with Kelli’s family.  As for the recipe…the only bad part about her sending me recipes and pictures is that I don’t get to taste them!!

5 thoughts on “Supper with the Hankens”

  1. All the food looks very yummy and I am sure it is. I may try the mac recipe. I get hungry for that but hubby doesn’t seem to ever want it. Hey! I made the two ingredient biscuits tonight for supper – very good! Hubby wondered why I would try a different recipe for biscuits since he likes the ones I made. He thought these were good too! Thanks again for sharing. I always love seeing pictures of your little dolls, oh so cute!!

  2. Yum, supper looks good at the Hankins. We have ate Thanksgiving food for 3 days now. There is a little meat and gravy left so I emptied what little was left after dinner tonight. We can have a couple of sandwiches and that’s it. My hubby doesn’t like the dark meat so I sent it all home with the granddaughter. They like it best.
    Jo, I hope you do write a pattern from Bonnie’s left over quilt pieces. I just love it. The colors are beautiful. I think you should call it copyright. Lol! I’ll tune in and even buy the pattern. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.
    I would love pictures of the ladies she shed. It sounds amazing. Your cross stitch turned out beautiful. I love your patience in doing cross stitch. It will be beautiful on your wall. All your kids will be so proud to have them as heirloom.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. Dinner looks wonderful and I have never made bread pudding or corn mac, sounds interesting. I love that Georgia is taking her dog for a walk, lol (our kids had the same toy). The twins are getting big and how nice it must be to have them sleeping through the nights.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the joy of children who share. The food looks wonderful. You’re so right about seeing the goodies but not being able to taste it. My mom might have invited herself to dinner if
    had tried that on her.

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