Super Mario Brothers Quilt

Last week my niece, sister and her kiddos came for a visit.  When we all get together it is a massive show and tell.  Our day got cut short by a sick kid so I didn’t get pictures of a two projects my sister was working on but I did get pictures of Jody’s project.  If you have a Mario Brothers fan at your house you are going to love this.

Jody explained that she found a blog that had a quilt along that was making quilts with the characters from Super Mario (it’s a video game for those who don’t know).  She explained that she cut squares.  She put them onto a product called Stitch and Wash Away.  Then she folds along the line and sews first vertically-then horizontally.

Here are her blocks in progress.



Here the one she is holding now has been sewn on the horizontal lines making the character look flat but she will sew the vertical lines and he’ll be proportionate again.

If you are looking for more information on making this quilt you can find it at Cut to Pieces.  The pattern to make this is for free.

More amazing than Jody’s work is that she has committed to making THREE of these quilts….one for each of her boys.  Now that’s dedication!!

3 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Quilt”

  1. Thanks for sharing….

    ….except now I will have that annoying song in my head the rest of the day….!!!!!

    I have to go check out the mario quilt websight…!!!!

  2. Already had the song in my head since my oldest just got the newest Mario game for his birthday and has been playing it every chance he can get. (Poor guy — there haven’t been a whole lot of chances yet!)

    Those blocks are BIG, a lot bigger than I was picturing them in my head when I first saw the directions. I’m going to wind up making a few of these for my house, aren’t I? :-)

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