Sunday’s House Adventure

The garage got moved on Saturday but now we had other things to do before being ready for the cement guy to come.

Now we needed to have a spot prepared for the garage to go, the old garage foundation removed and the front of the house ready for a cement porch to be poured.

Hubby borrowed the skid loader from his boss and got to work.  He’s a whiz with running it.  He attacked the garage floor first.  That came up easily.  The cement where the wall that was a little tougher but do-able.


When they moved the garage the other day they came upon a wonderful find….at least right now we think it’s wonderful.  In the corner of the garage were these pipes.


They are to a well that was on the property.  The house has city water and we want that…but city water costs money…well water doesn’t.  So we’d like to investigate how much it would cost to get this working enough so that we could get water to use outside for washing the car or watering plants.  It’s something we will be investigating.  The neighbor just down from us does that and hopefully, we’ll be able to do that too.  For now, we’re just letting that wait.

So Hubby removed all the walls except for that little section until we know what to do with it.


At the front of the house he removed the sidewalk that goes from the house to the street sidewalk.  The sidewalk that is in front of the house will eventually need to get replaced but for now, we’re just worrying about this.  We’ll try to tackle that when we can afford to cement the driveway.

Extra dirt is being moved from the front of the house too.  The plan is to poor a cement porch and steps here.  We’re going with cement as it’s low maintenance and time period appropriate for the house.

With the next post I hope to show you some poured cement….oh wouldn’t that be nice.  I really wish I could show you this much progress every day….

The neighbors and towns people are having a hay day with our house improvements.  They drive through the back alley and around the house all the time.  Some people even make a couple loops around.  Others plan their tour every couple hours or so.  It makes me giggle….too bad we couldn’t charge admission?!?!?

Hubby laughed when I said I should make a HUGE sign that says, “follow the progress of our home remodel at”…gotta love small town life!!

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s House Adventure”

  1. I think you should put a sign telling of your blog. They see the outside but wonder how the inside looks. Who knows some of them may be quilters.

  2. Hubs has a great idea – definitely put up that sign!!! You should also give that information to the folks you buy things from (like the kitchen cabinets) so they can see where their treasures end up and how beautiful you have made them!!! Progress is so wonderful :) Wishing I could drive around the block and through the alley!!!!!

  3. I love small town news! I’d be one of those people driving around the block. Heck I might even stop and ask if I could have a closer look. lol… Not really, only if I knew you. I think Hubby has a grand idea. If I lived in that small town I would be on my computer as soon as I got home. I’m glad I can keep up with your progress. It’s exciting.

  4. You are giving the coffee crowd something to talk about. Gets tiresome hearing the same stories day in and day out.

  5. I think you should put up that notice to follow progress. You know they are curious and there’s a lot of other news on your blog too. Have you considered a QR code to direct people who have smartphones to your blog? You know they have them. Even in rural America people like technology. I can’t wait to see your progress and I’m really happy for you and hubby…getting a home you have put heart and soul into.

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