Sunday with Karl

Karl was home on Sunday.  His schedule is winding down soon with finals just around the corner.  He wanted to visit before the quarantine and Sunday worked as a good day for him to come.

He came as I had just finished up a charity quilt top on the frame so I told he I couldn’t go play until we loaded another one. So…I had him help.  He had awesome pinning skills.

Then he wanted to learn how to use the machine….So I showed him. He’s a great doodler so I’m sure he could figure this out in no time but being there was a charity quilt on, he was nervous to actually do-do the quilt.  I let him do something along the edge and then he told me to take over.

From there I was on “mom duty”…you know, fix one of his favorite meals.  For Karl that’s homemade biscuits and gravy with fried eggs.  I already had homemade rolls for him.

On our to-do list was to watch the last of the Hunger Games movies.  Both of us had missed it at theaters.  Both of us had read the books.  Amazon had it available for rent so we watched it.  While we did Ruby cuddled up o the couch with me while I started in on de-boning more shirts.  I was just cutting cuffs off at this point.  I could do that and watch at the same time.  I saved the brunt of the de-boning for the cutting table.

Ruby ended up getting cover with shirts and wasn’t very happy with me when I tried to take a picture. (apparently Sundays are her day off from modeling)


I had a good time visiting with Karl.  It’s always good when he comes home.  I likely won’t see him again until May and finals are over.

I’m so happy that he’s feeling comfortable with the Elementary Education major.  It’s so hard as a mom to see kids unsure of their path.  Luckily Karl is so easy going and always lands on his feet.

It was a good day, good visit and overall great Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Sunday with Karl”

  1. Male teachers are needed badly. They can be and are great role models for boys with no male influence at home. Hope he does well on the finals. We all have a special teacher to thank along our education path. He now will be one to many. Good choice, he could do long arm quilting as a backup!


  2. I am so glad that he seems to like the elementary grades. Good male teachers are very valuable in the grade schools.

  3. I love hearing about your family in your blogs. You have truly been blessed with wonderful kids. I’m with Karl, biscuits and gravy with fried eggs are my fav (breakfast) meal, too! You mentioned your quarantine period and a thought came to mind as to Ruby. Did the doctors mention anything about pets and the need for their also staying a certain distance away during this period?

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