Sunday Stash Report

When Kayla and I were out and about shopping Thursday, I finally found a backing fabric for my Patchwork Times Mystery Quilt.

StashReport It was the end to a long quest.  The dark in the quilt is actually a dark, dark blue even though it looks black so black fabrics weren’t working…the green fabric is actually a golden green so greens weren’t working.

I ended up with a Jo Morton print from the clearance rack….it has a mixture of greens and gold that  I think will look fine.   I am a bit stingy as I don’t pay full price for backing fabric ever.

So my stash report….
6 yards and one charm pack in….
Nothing out….hopefully by next week the quilt will be finished and those six yards will be a wash.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what I am working on and share a little lesson I learned.

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