Sunday Stash Report or Pantry Report….

Lately, I feel more like I am giving a “Pantry Report” than I am giving a stash report.  I have been busy all week canning veggies from my garden.  Yesterday was no different.


There are 6 jars of dill pickles, three jars of sweet pickles and something a little different….


Green Tomato Pickles.  I tried these on a whim.  My garden is loaded with tomatoes…more that we can possible eat so when I was flipping through the pickle recipe section, I thought I would give the recipe a try.  If they are a hit I’ll pass the recipe on to you…right now it still in the testing stage.

I also made a gallon and a half of traditional refrigerator pickles.  Oh I loved them when I was a kid.

This past week I had a finished quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop.


Yesterday my daughter Kelli called me and said, “Mom, go over to Moda Bake Shop and check out the quilt made with that Circa 1934 fabric.”  I did and WOW.  It doesn’t look like the same fabric line at all.  Isn’t that neat that designers can change the look of a line just by featuring different fabrics from the line?!?!

So my official stash report is…

Used this Week:   12.5 yards red fabric for my nine patch quilt….4 yards gifted to my niece.

Used year to Date:   157.5 yards

Added this Week:     12.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    133.5 yards

Gifted:  72 yards

Net Used for 2011:  22 Yards of store bought fabric…9.5 yards of recycled fabric….72 yards gifted.

…and to see more stash reports, head on over to Patchwork Times.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report or Pantry Report….”

  1. Your canning looks great. My garden is not doing well but hopefully there will be some tomatoes to can. I really like your quilt that is features at Moda Bake Shop.

  2. Great job on both the pickles AND your MBS quilt!! Keep us posted on the tomato pickles ( just made some ‘refrigerator dills’ yesterday, too :-)

  3. good progess on the canning front. My garden is basically dead – I’ll plant some seeds once the heat gets under 100 and hope for something before the cold weather sets in.

    Your quilt on MBS was wonderful – congrats.

  4. Denise from NY

    Those canned pickles look great. My aunt used to pickle her green beans, they were delish! I love that 1934 collection, I’m going to have to order from the fat quarter shop….love that site.

  5. Sounds like your garden is doing well. The heat has been really hard on the gardens here in Kansas. I love your new MBS project. I agree. The other quilt looks like it is from a different line.

  6. So jealous of the canning, it looks awesome. I was telling my husband last night that I want to start a garden and do some canning.
    Your right, that quilt looks like a totally differnt line. Your quilt for MBS is beautiful.

  7. Jo, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think your tutorial has been copied, and I assume they didn’t ask permission as they’ve stolen one of mine without my knowledge. is the address. Even though they’ve left everything the same, it’s still copyright infringement. I’ve complained to Google about mine and you might consider doing so as well. There are no comment facilities and no email addy. Sigh.

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