Sunday Stash Report and my HOOP-LA

Keep reading….you’ll get to the stash report….a little HOOP-LA first.
While you are busy reading this post….I am probably looking a whole lot like a chicken running around with my head cut off.  It’s Graduation Day here!  Our schedule is something like this….


Up at 5 am to start the last of the food….shower at 7 am with a prayer that there is still hot water.  With all the kids home, plus their significant others there may not be much hot water left.
At 8 am church for senior recognition and after church a reception for the seniors….
hurry home and get to all the details….final food prep….feed my family lunch….party decoration set up…get the beverages cold…do the final house clean ups and get ready for commencement which starts at 2 pm and goes until 4 pm.
Party starts at 4:30.  There will already be people here by the time we get back from school…so the chaos will continue.

I have kids to help with watching the food and tending to things, but still it’s my responsibility in the end and remember that eternal question…HOW MANY MEATBALLS?  (check out that post, make a guess and be a winner)  I’ll be ready to go to sleep by 11 pm….my guess is that we may still have guests. I’ll finally sleep at 1 am.

It’s a lot of HOOP-LA, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I actually like catering and hosting parties…if only I knew if I’ll have enough meatballs!

So now to the stash report.

I bought 3.5 yards of the gold checked fabric (check the photo from above) so I can continue working on this quilt Cactus Patch.  The string blocks are done.  Now I need to start assembling them.

Some fabric went out this week for my Moda Bake Shop Owl Messenger Bags.  I always count Moda Bakeshop Fabric in and out on the week the design is published.

So the official stash report is…

Used this Week:   3
Used year to Date:   112 yards

Added this Week:     6.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    52.5 yards

Net Used for 2011:   59.5 Yards of store bought fabric…2.5 yards of recycled fabric.

Can you tell I wrote this and scheduled it to be published earlier in the week when I was really preoccupied by MEATBALLS?!?!?!

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  1. Hope you have a beautiful and unforgetable day! If all fails, the order of importance is: Family – Friends – and then Food… and there will be more than enough for all, I am sure!

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