Sunday Stash Report and a Question…

I thought I was going to have an easy stash report…I thought it would be a nothing in, nothing out report.  That didn’t happen.  A package arrived from Whittles….with backing fabric…and a couple other fabrics.


There is three yards of the 108″ backing fabric and two bundles of fat quarters, each with 10 fat quarters….I guess the backing fabric should be counted as 8 yards of fabric.

Has anyone bought the 108″ backing fabric before?  This is my second time purchasing it.  So far, I am not a fan.  The backing fabric seems thinner or not quite the same quality as quilt shop fabric.  This is a Bernatex brand fabric.  I don’t know what brand the other fabric I used was that I had used that 108″.  Do the companies make a cheaper quality for backing or did I just not have the best experience with the two pieces I have had.  I would love some suggestions or opinions if anyone has some.  Leave a comment here and tell me what you think.

Back to my stash report….

Here are the official numbers.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:   205.5  yards

Added this Week:    13 yards
Added Year to Date:    191 yards

Gifted:  81 yards

Net Used for 2011:  13.5 Yards of store bought fabric…9.5 yards of recycled fabric….81 yards gifted.

I decided next year that I am going to add a new category.  I made quite a few projects for Moda Bake Shop.  They send me the fabric and I don’t purchase it.  I want a category  for fabric that I purchased and one for fabric that was given to me.  My goal in keeping a stash report is to track spending and having the categories split would be helpful for me.

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report and a Question…”

  1. Jo, I agree that some of the 108 inch backings seems cheap. I bought one that I’m not sure, ut think it was a Benartex and after washing it, it felt really thimsy! I have bought a couple of other, think they are Hoffman and have not washed them, but they feel very firm. I wonder how they will be after washing. the first one will be the backing for a large wall hanging that will not be washed regularly or I would rethink using it for the backing.

  2. Jo, you are correct. They vary greatly by manufacturer. I have used Sew Batik’s 108″; it is densely woven, and a little bit heavier than other Batik’s but very similar to all the ones they offer on their site. I have also used one or two that seem “flimsy” but they wash up and iron well. I do love the convenience of not seaming (which leaves me with a back that never seems to square up EXACTLY. I have bought some from for quite reasonable prices. Keep experimenting.

  3. Teresa in Music City

    Jo, I have definitely found the same thing with the wide backings. I’ve done several quilts with them and they have all felt inferior to quilt-shop quality. However, they are much easier to use and seem to wash up fine, so I haven’t ruled them out yet. I’ll be interested to see what others have found as well.

  4. I’ve purchased wide backing from 3 different well-respected manufacturers, and they all seem to have a lower thread count than quilt-shop fabrics.

  5. I wonder if the backing fabric isn’t made with lower thread count on purpose so that it is easier to hand quilt through. Muslin is great to hand quilt and it has a pretty low thread count. Just a guess.

  6. I’ve gotten 2 108″ backings recently from a long arm quilter. Both were Marcus Bros and felt fine to me. One I sent off with a quilt top to be quilted and the other is basted waiting for me to machine quilt it. If I notice anything while using it or after washing it I’ll let you know.

  7. I have had the reverse experience with most of my 108″ backing fabrics…too thick and course. I did find one that was the quality of the 45″ quilting fabric but can’t recall the manufacturer. I go to a LQS and get a first hand ‘feel’ of the fabrics for backing fabric when at all possible.
    Speaking of Moda Bakeshop….I have your ‘pattern’ for a pet friendly chair cover to make for my mother’s recliner. Seems the minute she vacates it, one of the cats decides it’s for them…and there are 5 living in this household. Want to get it finished for Christmas.

  8. I have used several 108″ backings and they have all been batiks. Batiks are generally more expensive fabrics but all I have bought were quilt store quality- good tight weaves. Check out Sew Batik, they often have wide backing for sale.

  9. I’ve purchased the cream on cream patterned muslin 108″ backing from and I love it. Even when I wash it before using it, it feels good to me. I was a little concerned the first time I ordered it because it was muslin, but I really like it.

  10. I never thought about it at the time, but I had purchased some 108″ wide fabric to make a crib skirt and bumpers, and it is definitely thinner than the fabric in the same line. I made the quilt with “Faded Memories” by Moda, and the backing was from the same line.

  11. I almost always use wide backing. Once I finish a top, I want to just layer it and quilt and finish, so piecing a back takes too long, lol. I have a white on white printed muslin that quilts great and isn’t flimsy, and a beautiful purple print that I think was from Timeless Treasures and 200 tc. That is really nice, too. I’ve used wide unbleached muslin, too. I had one from Bernatex, though, and didn’t like it as much. It wasn’t quite as nice as the others I’ve used. It was a little loose in the weave, not as sturdy as the purple one. I’ve seen quite a few brands, though, and think shopping around (and actually feeling it) may help you find one you will like.

  12. I work in a quilt shop and yes to your question and no, some are thin , some are just as good as quilting fabrics, but they are more expensive. I love scrappy backs and like to buy end of rolls to save for backings.

  13. I bought some wide quilt backing too, and thought is wasn’t as good quality. But, I don’t have much experience with the wide backing. I usually find something in my stash that will work even though I usually have to piece it.

  14. I use them regularly and I think it depends. Marcus consistently disappoint me. I actuallynhadnone shrink significantlybif I ironed it. Terrible! Moda’s have been great. Check out Whittles for reasonably priced wide backs — including batiks.

  15. The muslins seem OK but the other wide backs do feel cheap, like they will pill up like low thread count sheets. I work in a quilt shop…haven’t felt any brand I would buy yet. I just watch for good sales, mainly online and buy good fabric at a good price.

  16. I’ve only bought wide backing once & it did seem thinner. I may buy it again if I need it to finish an older quilt top or a quick backing.

  17. I agree …. I bought some 108″ backing just to cut up for some Christmas projects (there was on 1 1/2 yds left and it was a good price). Once it came I was very disappointed. It feels very rough like a chain store fabric.

  18. I just got a bolt of 108 wide backing from Moda and think that it is better quality than what I have gotten in the past. It is for my mom’s UFOs that I have to quilt. Usually for my own, I piece the back from FQs,leftover blocks or stash fabrics.

  19. I’m very picky about my backing fabrics so I try to find better quality ones. I think they are getting better now than in years’ past. Maybe you got one of the older ones. It seems like when they first came out, the fabric was thinner.

    I just had a customer bring in 108″ wide (when purchased) fabric for her backing. She had prewashed it but not remeasured it. It was only 100″ wide when I got it. Selvage to selvage. Yikes!! Made a bit of an issue as her quilt was 100.5″ long.

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