Sunday Stash Report…a finger update.

Way back in the beginning of September I won a $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Quilt shop as part of the Year of Schnibbles.  I have been saving the gift certificate for something special….Nothing special has come along so I didn’t use it.  The gift certificate came in an email as a code to use at check out.  The other day I was looking back through my emails trying to remember what the amount was on the gift certificate and realized I had DELETED the email with the code….PANIC!  Thankfully Sinta sent me the code again…..I wasn’t going to risk losing it again so I decided to order….


Here’s my stack of goodies….all Civil War prints…three of the fabrics are yard cuts and were on clearance.  The other four are half yard cuts.  I couldn’t resist the Miss Rosie pattern.  I have a weakness for the patriotic look….My total for the stack… $4.30…THANKS Fat Quarter Quilt Shop….I appreciate it LOTS.

So my report…
In-5 yards….
Out-8 yards of fabric from my Moda Bake Shop Quilt…I forgot to count that last week.

And now for my finger update….Some of you may not know but I ran a sewing machine needle through  my finger last week.  It’s all okay….It was actually MUCH less painful than I ever imagined.   Thanks for all the concern and fun little messages you all sent.  I hope to not do that again….

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report…a finger update.”

  1. I’ve never sewed through my own finger, but my two year old certainly jabbed her finger under my needle when she was about 6 months old – who knew they moved so fast?!

  2. Really sorry about the finger and really happy about your gift certificate good fortune. I love to enter for chances to win things. Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  3. Ouch, Jo! I hope your finger is feeling much better! You are disciplined! I would have spent that before I even got the code emailed to me! Love what you picked! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Love that Miss Rosie pattern! I bought it last week and have all the fabric ready to go. The 600 HSTs don’t scare me but the 60 log cabin blocks do!

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