Sunday Stash Report

Another week has past and a two more quilts are off my flimsy pile and FINISHED….

Here’s the latest one.


Yes…my beagle Gracie had to be in the photo again….she is worse than a three year old about gettingher picture taken.

This is Judy from Patchwork Times, June Mystery quilt.  If you want to see the original quilt or get the pattern, follow this link.   It sewed up SUPER quick…it’s the “getting it quilted” part that slowed me down.  When I was working on the binding, hubby said, “You’re not giving that one away are you?”  After some discussion, I found out he likes this one which makes me think I’ll keep it.


The quilt finished at 72″ x 96″.

I used Civil War reproduction prints for mine.   I purchased a backing fabric and a bit of fabric for the binding but the rest was all stash…the backing I got sometime back off the clearance rack for $4 a yard.  I love a good deal!  I love when the good deal is a perfect match too!  I also love that all the purchasing I did counted in last year’s report making this year’s report look extra good.


I free motioned the quilting design.  I just made it up and ended up liking it.  I need to draw it out so I remember to use it on another quilt.


Of course getting pictures didn’t come easy.  We are dog sitting and the other dog wanted in on the action.  (This is the same dog that lifted his leg and went peed on a different quilt of mine!)  I like him though….


Gracie wanted NONE of  that sharing business.  Kalissa finally got the other dog a treat.  Then Gracie was upset that she didn’t get a treat the moment she wanted one….Here she is after HER treat.


If you didn’t see the other quilt  finish for the week, here’s a link to see that.
So here’s the report for the week…

Used this Week:    11 for the mystery quilt  and 7.5 yards for the other quilt I finished this week for a total of  18.5 yards
Used year to Date:   34 yards
Added this Week:     0 yards
Added Year to Date:     16 yards
Net Used for 2011:   18 Yards…Wo-who!

Oh and for the giveaway winner….#11 Marcia W.  I have another parcel to give away this week so keep stopping back!

You can check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. What a gorgeous quilt! I agree with your husband! Must keep that one! Gracie is beautiful! She looks just like my late beagle, Holly. Hope you have lots more pictures of Gracie posing with your stunning quilts!

  2. That is really a beautiful quilt. You picked the perfect fabrics. And I like the quilting pattern also! Great finish, especially since the husband likes it!

  3. Wow, 2 quilts done this week: you are my hero! Yep, got to keep your last one – your husband knows what he is talking about ;-) it’s beautiful! Have to check the pattern.

  4. It’s fabulous! I still need to quilt mine and it is going to the top of Mt. ToBeQuilted as soon as I go into the sewing room! Great stash report. Congrats to Marcia W.

  5. Thank you for the lovely prize! Sent you an email with mailing address. I checked out the patchworktimes post for the quilt. Your choice of fabrics makes this quilt – I can see why your DH likes it. Your quilt looks very different from the mystery quilt – it’s the fabrics I’m sure. Thanks again – you brought some sun to my day.

  6. Oh, I love that quilt! Really nice colors. I had seen the quilt at Judy’s site, but hadn’t added to my wish list pile, but now that I’ve seen yours I’m really liking it. I can totally see this in my family room (which I’m doing in all greens and yellows). Great inspiration! And two quilts in one week! Yowza!


  7. Don’t you just love when DH wants to keep a quilt! My DH will ask “who is that one for”? When I answer, it’s for us, he doesn’t argue. I interrupt it to mean he is glad we’re keeping it.

    Great photo of Gracie on your quilt!

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