Sunday Stash Report

Hello…my name is Jo Kramer and I have a fabric addiction….  Sometimes when I write my stash report I almost feel like I should be giving testimony at an AA meeting.

Here’s my story.  Kelli (It’s all Kelli’s fault) invited dragged me with her to her local quilt shop’s shop hop.  I couldn’t resist didn’t need any fabric but felt I should do the motherly thing and go if I was invited.  Her local shop is Forest Mills Quilt Shop near Postville, Iowa.  They just put an addition onto the shop and it is SO, SO nice.

They had some bargains on fabric and wanted some didn’t want Kelli to feel like I was bored, so I bought some.  Here’s my little pile.  There’s 3 1/2 yards total…some was 50% off!!  LOVE that!!

Everyone who attended the shop hop got to pull a coin out of the bucket.  Each coin was worth some sort of treasure.  Kelli’s had a “P” on that back which gave her a choice of a free pattern.  Mine had a big star on it.  There was no indication as to what that meant so while I was checking out, I was paging through a quilt book oogling and awing about all the great quilts.  Kelli was oogling and awing right along with me.  Then the gal at the check out asked about my coin.   I said it had some type of star on it.  The gal said, “Oh you get the bigger prize.”  I asked, “Wow, what’s the big prize?”  She explained that they hadn’t decided and would I like the book I was paging through as my prize….”Heck yes!!”  I would love the book, as I had already decided I was buying it anyway!!

Here the book is and if you like anything Civil War”ish” you will love it too!!  The book, History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas is my new favorite.

History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas

The authors along with their 19th Century Patchwork Divas, pick a historic quilt, draft the blocks, hold a block exchange and then each participant puts their blocks together.  There are so many quilts in the book that I would love to make.

The group exchanged brown nine patch blocks.  This quilt was created by one of the gals….

This quilt was created with another’s….

I love this Wheel of Fortune quilt.

Here’s the nine patch pinwheel.

I REALLY want to make one of these quilts BUT, I promised myself to slow down on starting new project so…I think I am just going to cut out a little part of the quilt and sew the pieces as a leader and ender.  Then once it’s time to really make the quilt, I’ll be just a bit ahead.

I love this Blindman’s Fancy Quilt.

All those little flying geese would make perfect leaders and enders….Oh I want to make one….I want to make this Ohio Star quilt too.

The variations were neat too.

Kelli has a cheddar fixation going on right now so this quilt was one of her favorites.

After I looked at the book, something just seemed familiar about it….Then I went into my project boxes and found this magazine…

The quilt on the front is one is one of their designs.  I have been collecting fabric for this quilt!!  Isn’t that silly?!?  I have been wanting to make this quilt but was nervous that it might be hard.  I am making a goal to start it in May.  April has some deadlines and I’ll be gone for a bit so May it is.  I am starting this quilt.  No more excuses..MAY!!!  I plan to start out slow…just make the four patches or something like that at first…but I’m going to make it and I’m going to start it May 1st.

Anyone else have a project that they want to start in May…something you have always wanted to do?  Why not join me in starting something you’ve always want to do May 1st.  Leave me a note if you want to join in the fun.  If I get enough responses, maybe we’ll do a sharing or linky party..or I’ll see if I can drum up some prizes.  Let me know….

I had a great time with Kelli…I bought another quilt book too…I’ll save that one to show you on another day.  It’s a good one too.

Oh yah..back to my stash report….

Used this Week:   0  yards
Used year to Date:   33  yards

Added this Week:    3.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    33.5  yards (12 from Moda)

Net Used for 2012:  -.5 Yards of store bought fabric…5 yards of recycled fabric…

I need to finish a big project to get me back in the black!!

For m0re stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. That book looks great and I love how many of the quilts are so scrappy! I need to begin working on a simple quilt for a friends autumn wedding (I’m thinking maybe an XO design) so that will be my May start. Hopefully I can get my daughters their jean picnic quilts done by then so that they can have them for summer tanning!

  2. Love your post today. I just had to go to a shop that was discontinuing fabrics and all was 60% off. First we drove 68 miles on Monday to find out the shop was not open on Monday. Told husband it was a good thing “since I did not need any more fabric”. Sure enough, I was in the car on Tuesday and the car just found itself in front of the shop. Then I went in and I first decided that they did not have “enough” of any one fabric for what I needed. But I kept walking around and around and an hour later SURPRISE!! I found three bolts with at least 8 yards each that were perfect for backgrounds and backs for quilts I was making or thinking about. Good thing I brought the blocks so I could test the color against them. So after all that I got about 40 yards at 60% off to add to the stash.

  3. Jo, I have been wanting to make that same quilt too! I’ve kept the magazine article in my *inspiration* book and go back to look at it often. I may be overstepping what I can accomplish, but I can’t resist joining you in starting this quilt in May – sign me up!

  4. Jo, I have that book too because I’m making the Antique Diva Pyramids as a BOM from Homestead Hearth. I also love the Wheel of Fortune, but cannot start it for a while. It’s on my bucket list.

  5. Hello, my name is Linda, and I’m a fabric addict too. :) Still, going to a quilt shop for no good reason can be fun. I like both of the quilts that you & Kelly picked out as your favorites. Looks like there are a lot of good ones in that book… certainly got your money’s worth!!

  6. Ah! Ah! That book is ah-maz-ing! See, I think the Universe definitely wanted you to get started on that quilt!!
    See what happens when you are *such* a good mother, going to the quilt shop just for Kelli!

  7. The Atlanta Shop Hop was this weekend. I only visited four stores. I don’t know how it happened, but a bag appeared in my car at each shop. My stash is considerably larger.

  8. I’m planning a May (knitting) project too, but I’m keeping it a secret for a bit longer. I love that black and white quilt, what a wonderful gift.

  9. I’m working on that very quilt from QN! :) I started it at a quilt retreat 3 weeks ago, kitting the inside blocks before I went & then working on the flying geese sections when I got home. I finished block 25 yesterday! Yea!!! Loved laying it out on the floor to see the beautiful colors! Now on to the setting triangles and borders… The piecing is not difficult, though accuracy is a must with all those pieces in one block. The hardest part is deciding on what fabrics to use and keeping them organized per block. I do love Monique Dillard’s Fit to Be Geese ruler for accurate flying geese. Enjoy the process!

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