Sunday Stash Report

Some fabric came into the house over the week…I paid for it…but I’m not claiming it on my stash report.


My fifteen year old daughter is in Fabrics class and she wanted fabric.  The bottom fabric is minkie and she’s making that into pajama bottom pants.  Then there’s two yards of tulle and two yards of other fabric.  She is using that to make Flower Headbands for all her friends for Christmas.   People at school are ALWAYS asking her where she got the headband because they want one….so she decided she’d make them for Christmas.  Being out school colors are red, white and black, they are sure to be a hit.

I used quite a bit of fabric this week.  One yard was used up in hot pad holders using this tutorial.   Then I used 10 yards up on a quilt that I will show you on a later date.  So my stash report is as follows….

Fabric in…for me…. 0 yards
Fabric out…. 11 yards

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. When I started reading about your aversion to a new ironing board cover, I was going to take advantage of our long-distance blog friendship and get on your case about the ease of making ironing board covers. Wow — you not only changed your tune but you put the rest of us to shame who only make ‘plain’ ones! I’ll have to crank up my next cover with an extra block or two! Aren’t they wonderful all clean and new?

    I am really wanting one of those “Cadillac-type” ironing boards – great idea.

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