Sunday Stash Report

Typically I post early in the morning…I think my recent fabric purchases have me feeling a bit guilty so I have been procrastinating my blog post.  My trip to Country Threads yielded 96 fat quarters….or 24 yards of fabric.  WOW…when I’m grabbing fat quarters, it sure doesn’t feel like that many yards of fabric.

Saturday hubby and I went to visit his mom in the nursing home and I ended up stopping at a quilt shop along the way.  I saw this great piece of fabric that I deemed perfect for Bonnie Hunter’s new Leader and Ender Challenge with cheddar.   I wasn’t going to do it but then I thought what the heck…why not.


If you haven’t read about the challenge, it’s to make bow tie blocks over the next year using the pattern she is providing on this blog post.  She is challenging us to do it strictly as a leader/ender project.   It’s not tough for me to start any project like this…the real challenge is to keep it as a leader and ender…Already, I had to make just one block, just to see what they’ll look like.  I told you, keeping it as a leader and ender will be the biggest challenge for me!

I debated for a long time trying to figure out how much cheddar fabric I’ll need/want.  I started to do some really quick figuring.  For each block I need 2~ 2″ squares of cheddar.  For easy figuring, I can 20 squares in a 2″ strip….or 10 blocks.   If I got 3.25 yards I could cut 58 strips making 580 blocks.  The blocks finish at 3″ so I could make a quilt that is about 75″” x 75″.  As I brought the bolt to the cutting table I realized there wasn’t much fabric on the bolt.  I asked her to check…She said 4 yards worth.  I took it all.  If I want the quilt bigger, it can be.  If I want to use it as binding, I can.   This is a BRIGHT piece of fabric a little out of my typical color range…

Is anyone else doing this challenge??

So my official stash report is…

Used this Week:   0

Used year to Date:   143 yards

Added this Week:     28 yards
Added Year to Date:    95 yards

Gifted:  68 yards

Net Used for 2011:  48 Yards of store bought fabric…2.5 yards of recycled fabric….68 yards gifted.

UGH…that was a real blow to my numbers…oh well…I am still in the used category and that’s my main concern.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. Oh I love all your new fabrics. I was thinking about the bow tie challenge and I thought the same as you, about how hard it would be to make it strictly a l/e project. Then I really thought about it and decided to find some cheddar next time I’m in town, you know, just in case I want to. :)

  2. i’m thinking about joining in on the challenge, but those three inch blocks are pretty daunting… i was thinking of maybe making the blocks bigger. haven’t made a commitment yet…

  3. that fabric looks a LOT like the one I got from my LQS

    great minds think alike…….

    I “guess-timated” 4 yards for my challenge quilt

  4. The fabric you got is so pretty! I would love to do this project but I swore to myself that this year I was only going to use what I already had. It is very hard to stick too so well see if I make it.

  5. The print you chose will add lots of interest. Now that you’ve done the math, I am tempted. It would be the leader and ender for my other leader and ender, though!

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