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I sewed the last few stitches in my  binding this morning so I can say…THIS QUILT IS FINISHED!  It’s not washed…but finished.

It was my May UFO.  I finally got it finished…my April UFO top is finished but not quilted….and my June UFO, I haven’t even dug it out yet.


I think I have had these blocks around for over seven years.  They are made with the first Civil War print fabric I ever bought.  The pattern is simply called Pinwheels.  It is from Pat Speth and Charolene Thode’s book, Nickel Quilts.  I have really enjoyed the quilts in this book and am glad to have it in my library.   The premise of the book is to make all your quilts from 5″ charm squares.   Now that I know more about quilting however, I would not cut my fabric into 5″ pieces before sewing and cutting it all over again.  I’d just rewrite the pattern and work from the book that way.  This is my second completed quilt from the book.  Here’s a link to my first quilt (my favorite quilt to date).

Gracie wasn’t in the mood for an early morning photo shoot.


You can see she doesn’t have her perky eyes…The original quilt had a border on it but I am getting in a bit of an “anit-border” phase.

The quilting is just a free hand thing that I do.  It has no name ….


The thread is actually an orange, red,yellow variegated thread that I decided to try to use up….and of course, I ran out of it about 6″ from the end of the quilt.  I put in a new straight up gold thread to finish the quilt and guess what…the thread tension on the back was all screwed up.  I ended ripping out thread for over an hour…UGH!  The tension was REALLY loose so it wasn’t taxing~just a very irritating  job.

The backing fabric is something I bought off the clearance rack hoping it would work on a quilt at some point.


Right now, the quilt is a pile of quilts that will be used as gifts or donation quilts.  There is nothing wrong with it….there are just quilts here that I like better and I am not one that keeps a lot of quilts.  I would guess that I only have about 10 around here that I keep.

This week I also had a project featured on Moda Bake Shop.  You can check that our here.  I count that fabric in and out on week it is published.

So how does this all translate to a stash report….

Used this Week:   16.5
Used year to Date:   135 yards

Added this Week:     5 yards
Added Year to Date:    62 yards

Net Used for 2011:  73 Yards of store bought fabric…2.5 yards of recycled fabric.

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15 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Denise from NY

    Some quilts just don’t need borders. It’s a beautiful quilt and whoever gets it is a lucky dog!

  2. I feel deeply in love with your quilt! The backing is wonderful, too. Couldn’t agree more about the 5″ square method; a big time waster – much easier to cut your pieces from yardage.

  3. What a lovely post about your journey through the making of this quilt. I understand about some quilts “fitting” you better; I am much the same way. And……Gracie is a HEART-THROB! I would snatch her up in a heartbeat :0) 135 yards used….impressive!

  4. Lovely quilt. Looks fabulous with the cheddar. And wow! What a bunch of fabric you’ve busted so far this year. I only confess once a month since I don’t count fabric out until the binding is finished. July 1 will NOT be a good report! Loved your project at Moda this week.

  5. I recognized this Pat Speth right away – love pinwheels and in era fabrics – just does them more justice. Excellent choice in backing. A real delight.

  6. Wonderful quilt!! I wouldn’t have thought that orange and black sashing would work so well with those pinwheels. I would have thought that it would have more of a Hallowe’en feel but it doesn’t at all. What a surprise result. Lovely!! Whoop! Whoop!

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