Sunday Stash Report

I am a bit frustrated with myself….I was in town this week and knew I would probably be needing some type of fabric to use as background for my #1 UFO challenge.

I have a pile of Dresden plates that need to be attached to some background fabric.  I hadn’t pulled out the UFO yet but thought I could probably guess what fabric I needed.  I felt confident that I could still pick up a good background fabric.  WRONG.


I originally went to the quilt shop thinking I would grab a Moda Marble.  Well the local shop had two fabrics that I liked but the problem…only a yard of fabric on each of the bolts.  UGH.

I looked around the store and grabbed this.  If I wasn’t so picky, it could work but I am being picky.  The green dots are too deep of a green and not a lime colored green….So I ended up purchasing three yards of fabric that I don’t need!  So the stash report is…

Used this Week:    0 yards

Used year to Date:   67  yards
Added this Week:     3 yards
Added Year to Date:     26.5 yards

Net Used for 2011:   39.5 Yards

I was asked if I was going to add my recycled shirts to my stash report….answer.  NO.  I keep a stash report to keep me motivated to finish projects.  I also keep a stash report to encourage me to save some money and use what I have first.  I do not have an overwhelming stash of fabric so I’m not going to track shirts…the only time I will add recycled fabric projects to my stash report is if I use stash fabric with the recycled fabric.  If you didn’t catch it earlier in the week you might want to check out the chart I created with use in Bonnie Hunter’s new Scraps and Shirttails book.

As always to check more stash reports, head on over to Patchwork Times.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. The Dresden plate is beautiful, love the colors. I don’t think you are being picky, you are protecting an investment. I’ve never made a Dresden plate (on my to do list though), but it has to take a lot of time. It is frustrating to buy something that won’t work (I think about a quarter of my stash was acquired that way). Good luck finding the right fabric. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. I do that, too – buy something at the shop without taking something with me. It just never seems to work as well once I’m home as it did in my mind in the shop – LOL! There’s plenty of fabric out there, you will find the one that you want to use.

  3. I hope you’ll find a use for the yards you bought! I agree that finding the right background is hard, even if you have the blocks with you. I have a few projects where the fabrics looked great as fat quarters and then awful once cut and sewn. They are still in the orphan blocks box!


  4. I’ve made lots of Dresden plate quilts, but seeing yours, makes me want to do another one like it! Be picky about the background…or you will wish you had been.

  5. That might make good backing for one of your shirt quilts along with a few random shirt blocks on the back.

  6. If I recall there are several designs in SSII that will be just perfect for the 3 yards. You’ll have it right there when you begin to sew from your efforts of the last couple of weeks! Sandi

  7. I think all decisions with your quilt are important. I love your Dresden’s and they are going to look fantastic on that background!

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